Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Another busy weekend has come and gone by. I feel like our weekends are about to slow down, as M is getting into busy season and will be working Saturdays for a while.

On to this past weekend: 

Friday we had dinner at the farm! It was rainy and cool out! Noah must have been going through a little growth spurt this weekend because he was a bit off with not sleeping well at night,but more. The day and being a little cranky. 

We came home from the farm, bathed him and we were all in bed by 10:00! I find when he gets up before 8 AM then it makes a long day for me. 

Saturday we started yard work. M cut down my favorite ornamental tree that was ruined in the ice storm, I was hopeful to save it, but that won't be happening now...but I will be getting new one!! That man is crazy with a chainsaw and needs supervision! But we got most of the trees trimmed up.

M's Mom came over to help me with some sewing projects. I have a lot I want to do, but my head is just not in it. I feel that when I start a project I need to finish a project with no interruptions when it comes to sewing or I forget where I left off and screw it up. I have no patience for it! So it was great for S to come and help me put my ideas to life! She made a bib and burp cloth, fixed the car seat cover, fixed the nursing cover I made. 

We met our new neighbours in the afternoon while cleaning up the back yard. M fixed one of our gates, but still has the rest to fix. 

We got cleaned up and then headed out shopping with friends and grabbed dinner at Moxie's. I will say Moxie's wasn't very baby friendly, but we made it work!! 

Noah didn't sleep well Saturday night, but woke Daddy up just in time to head over to setup the fireman's breakfast at 6 AM! I fed Noah and we went back to sleep for another hour and a half and then headed to help out at the breakfast as well!! 

All decked out in fire trucks to support Daddy!! 

Noah and I headed home just before noon, I finished feeding Noah and heard sirens indicating the department got a call, so we packed back up and headed down the street to the hall to help clean up while the guys were at the 3 car accident. M got home just after 1 pm. He fixed the clothesline and then headed down to the park to hit some balls. 

We headed into town after, where I broke my own rules and paid full price for a pair of shoes!! I bought Sanuks and LOVE them!! 

We grabbed groceries and dinner and then settled in for the evening. My outfit of the day:

I actually feel really comfortable in it for once. I'm still struggling with dressing myself. Crazy to think I used to enjoy that part of my day! I know I will again and hopefully soon!! If I could just cut out these cravings - they are almost worse post-partum then during the pregnancy! 

Noah had yet another rough night. When I say rough, I suppose isn't really rough, it just means he woke up when he usually sleeps through. I think weekends are too busy for him. 

But today he is all stories and smiles! 


Allyssa Idell said...

Aw. It looks like you had a great weekend! :) Your little one is just so darn cute!

Murdock's mama said...

I totally agree...I had worse craving after pregnancy than before! :(

J and A said...

Totally agree with the post baby cravings! Love the sleeping pic! SO cute!! You will be back to enjoying getting dressed, it sucks for a while for sure. Sounds like a good weekend!

Hilary said...

Beckett's running on a similar schedule. Instead of up at 8 and bed at 10, he's usually up at 6 and bed at 8. And I try not to be far behind him!!!

Dressing is soooo hard! I hate it, and just like you, I'm ready to love it again!


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