Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Calgary Day 2 - Canmore

Of course travelling all the way to Calgary, we couldn't miss out on visiting and introducing Noah to one of our favorite places in Canada - Canmore! I will forewarn you there are a lot of pictures in this post!

So we had a great breakfast at the hotel before heading over to Alison's to pick up her and Miss D. I couldn't resist a good snuggle with Cruz - shhh don't tell Lily and Gracie!

Delainey and Noah checked each other out:

Then we were off to Canmore! Poor Alison was stuck in the back of our Jeep Wrangler in between both babies!

We toured around thanks to our trusty tour guide lol, who guided me into a business to ask where the river was, however that was the best thing we could have done because she sent us to an old rail bridge that goes over the river and into the mountains! Big score, perfect for pictures, but a hidden little gem!

So here are the pictures Alison took of us and we took of her, etc.:

Taking these next ones were a challenge! The babies just wanted to pull at each other in a friendly way of course!

After pictures, we went to The Wood for lunch! It was pretty good! We enjoyed a nice patio view of the mountains.

Noah didn't really feel like smiling apparently!

But Delainey did:

We introduced Alison to Somersby! You Calgary girls have been missing out up until this point! Although the guy at the liquor store later on in the week said they sell out before they hit the shelves! 

We tried again:

We enjoyed some yummy food! 

Even smooches couldn't crack him! I blame the time change, it took him a while to adjust!

This one is from Alison's phone and the babies we realized just weren't going to look or smile and that was okay!

We toured around Canmore in and out of shops, grabbed some ice cream before heading back to drop of Alison. 

Unfortunately the drive home was not as smooth sailing as the ride up. Noah lost it about 20 minutes from Alison's and when I say lost it, I mean LOST it! He cried his first real tears! I was stuck driving and couldn't do anything about it! He just hated that car seat, it laid him down further than ours at home, add hunger to that mix and he was not happy! Poor guy! Poor Alison! I finally consoled him when we got back to Alison's, gave him a quick feed and we headed back to our hotel!

I did sneak in a snuggle with this wiggly worm:
(stolen from Alison's blog)

We popped into WalMart to grab diapers and some snacks for the hotel.

Overall it was a great day, minus Noah crying his first tears, which broke my little heart, but we survived. I gave him extra snuggles that evening. 

I will say that we were in bed by 9 that night. 

I am soo happy we were able to show Noah Canmore, even though he won't remember it, it is just one of those wonderful places that we feel drawn to. 


Murdock's mama said...

Love all the photos. I agree, it's so fun introducing your kids to new places--even if they won't remember it! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What awesome pics! I love Canmore. We go every fall for our anniversary. I like it way more than Banff too.

J and A said...

What a SUPER FUN day. LOVED this post!! Such awesome photos too, what a great spot. Good thing for that tour guide!! ;) ha LOVED having you guys here.


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