Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Canada Day

On Monday we spent the day packing and running last minute errands before leaving waaay to early on Tuesday morning! Not that we left on time by any stretch, but we had good intentions. We left by 6 AM, not 5 like we intended.

We actually made perfect timing arriving to the airport thanks to my Dad, checked in, checked our bags, grabbed a quick breakfast and boarded the plane! 

Noah did great on his first plane ride! He got a little fussy, but it was really just tired, so I gave him the smallest amount of Benadryl and both him and M slept for nearly 2 hours! 

I will say when travelling with a baby, we boarded first, got off last, which worked well in our favor because by the time we made it to pick up our bags they were there waiting! I thought travelling with Noah would be more of a challenge, but he was super chill, as usual, even waiting longer to be fed. It went very smoothly that is for sure. 

When we got to Calgary, the airport was soo different from Toronto's, that I will say! I've never flown domestic before, so that was also a change for me! But we grabbed our luggage, filled up the cart - which I still laugh about because we have never needed one before! Of course I packed waaay to many clothes, but in my defense getting dressed every morning is still a struggle, I need options! But we did pack the perfect amount of stuff for Noah! We actually ended up forgetting our change pad on the airplane, so we ended up having to buy something to get us by! 

We got to our hotel and were able to check in early luckily and we all had a nice 2 hour snooze in bed! Noah was such a champ with napping where ever we put him and actually napping for longer than 20 minutes! Maybe we will be able to keep this trick up when we make it home! 

I am going to end this post right here, because this mama forgot her wifi memory card and can't upload her good pictures, just the ones on her phone! Mom fail!! More to come on our fantastic family vacay next week!! 

If you follow me on Instagram you will he getting lots of trip updates! 


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Noah is so incredibly adorable!!!! His expressions are priceless!!!

Aubrey said...

That's so funny that you've never flown domestic!! Loving all of your updates!

J and A said...

Love that photo of you with all the bags!!! So glad Noah was so good on the plan! :)


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