Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Rewind

We had a fantastic weekend despite a shady weather forecast.

Friday was pretty good to start off with, but got even better when the insurance company finally called. We had been told a week or so a go that we would be responsible for bringing the house up to code, which wasn't great news as far as we were concerned. I called the bank, got the house appraised, got approved for a loan to cover the work, all in time for the insurance company to call and tell us that they decided they were going to cover it ALL!! Huge celebrations were had!! 

M and I went to London because he had a part to pick up and I wanted to get my lulu's hemmed, however I forgot my lulu's, but had good luck at target anyways with my Mom. We had a good quick visit and dinner with my mom before heading back home just in time for M's ball game! It ended up being a double header and they won! It was a bit of a crazy game, as the umpire ended up kicking a player off the other team out of the game and then out of the park. 

My target finds, for less than $50:

Friday night was also the last night Noah slept in our room for bed time. 

Saturday we did some housework, spent the evening with friends, and sure enough we put Noah to bed in his nursery for the first time. He did great! Me on the other hand not so well!! Crazy how much I miss having him in our room! I know it will get better and that it's for the best that he is in his own space, but the last two nights have been rough for me, despite him sleeping all night long up there on his own! 

Sunday we decided to head to the lake despite the thunderstorm forecast and I am glad we did, because it was a perfect sunny day out on the water, but we could see it was cloudy on shore! 

We took Noah in the water, but he wasn't a big fan of the temperature, but did better than he did in our pool! Haha. Lily and Gracie are tuckered out today after their first swim of the season! They stayed in the water for most of the day, but we did manage to get them out a few times:

I also soaked up some much needed sun too!! 

We came home to thunderstorms and it is a rainy morning here, but that is okay, we don't have anything on the go today!! So snuggles will be gladly accepted: 

On a side note to a good weekend, could you all say a prayer for a family who was a part of a tragic accident on Friday at Costco, when a car backed into the store hitting an 8 month pregnant woman and her two daughters ages 6 and 3. The 6 year old has passed away, the newborn is fighting for her life and listed critical and the 3 year old and mother are now listed as fair. Such a tragedy and my heart just aches for this family and I don't even know them. Just goes to show how you just never know how life is planned for you. Live each day to the fullest! 


Murdock's mama said...

What a relief that the insurance company is going to take care of the house! :)

I TOTALLY understand the anxiety it causes when you start using the nursery! :( I will say that it gets a little easier with each baby! :)

LOVE your lake photos! Looks gorgeous!

I'm heartbroken for that family. How tragic! :(

J and A said...

Look at that Target haul!! No target fail this time. So thankful insurance is covering it!! Thank goodness!!


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