Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Noah - 5 Months

( this post is 2 weeks late)

12 lbs 2 oz - 4 months
12 lbs 5 oz - 4.5 months
12 lbs 11 oz - 5 months

26 inches

Sleeping: Ugh I hate writing this down, because I fear soo badly that it will backfire, but Noah is a fantastic sleeper! I really can't complain! Even while travelling, he slept all night after the first night. The first night was hard on him, being in a new place and he ended up in bed with us! He did get up much earlier while we were out west, but we made it work. Napping is hit and miss. On our trip I feel like he did soo well for napping while out and about, except now that he's home all naps are in his pack and play. We plan to transition Noah up to his nursery within 2 weeks, we just want him to adjust to being back in our timezone and we are hopefully going to transition him out of his swaddle wrap and into his sleep sacks before he moves up! 

Feeding: He is feeding every 2 hours in the day still, but gives me a some 3-4 stretches, but it's usually when we are out and about. I am hoping to stretch these out to 3 hour feeds consistently, which we have done a few times. He still takes a bottle well. We have been battling reflux. He has been puking soo bad lately, so we have stopped burping him and sit him up after a feed and allow him to burp on his own. This helps with cutting back on the puking/spit up, but it is not perfect.

Clothing: Noah has outgrown all of his 0-3 sleepers! He still wears 0-3 in pants if they are long enough and his sweatshirts are 0-3. Otherwise most of his clothes are 3 months, although there are some 6 month sleepers in the mix for length! Noah is lean and lanky!

Diaper Changes: Still size 1, we are finishing the last sleeve as we speak. On vacation we bought size 2, so when we came home we decided to finish the last sleeve before moving on to the size 2's which I have stocked right up on! I will say it is soo much nicer not going through soo many diapers! I bought a box of size 2's when we arrived in Calgary and we ended up with 2 diapers left in our diaper bag. We cut it closer than I would have liked, but we survived!

Looks: Blue eyes, and brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah is didn't gain a full pound this month, so I am sure she wasn't impressed. However, she did decide to refer him to a pediatrician, so I am happy with that idea at least! Until I found out she made it an urgent referral without me knowing... I also think he is suffering from reflux, as his puking/spitting up is much worse, add coughing and gagging to mix and a cranky babe. So she ordered an abdominal ultrasound as well. She didn't suggest formula for once. We enjoyed our 2 weeks off from worrying, now we are back at square one! I really had hoped he had gained more weight. 

We saw the pediatrician and he wasn't concerned one bit! He did prescribe medication for his reflux, told us we could start cereal, and just said he is petite! Babies grow differently, but he is bright-eyed, healthy and thriving! I did talk to him about introducing formula with his cereal and he told me I could do up to one ounce a day to get him introduced to it. We go back to see him in a month at which point I will ask if he can just follow him from here on in.

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: His hands, his fleece blanket, calgary the bear is a huge hit, snuggles, baths, his play mat, walks in the stroller, the bouncer, swimming, the baby bjorn, going for walks, Lux, Jazz, Grace and Lily. Noah loves seeing himself. He loves it when I sing to him, although only certain songs have a calming effect on him, especially the ones we listened to together when he was in my tummy! He has really become quite the storyteller and enjoys the sounds he can make. He is also starting to love sitting up!

Dislikes: The carseat we used on vacation! It laid back more than he was used to and caused a lot of drama! We noticed we also have to give him a little while to wake up now. He hates puking/spitting up and gas pains!

Fur Baby Update: Noah has really started to notice Lux and flashes him the biggest smiles when he is around! He will also reach out to "pet" him. Although we didn't have much time at home with the dogs, I think they enjoyed vacation while we were gone!

Personality/Events: Noah cried his first official tears while we were in Calgary, luckily it doesn't happen often so far, because it stresses this mama out and breaks my heart! Hopefully I get over this soon! Noah has become quite the frequent flyer this month! 3 flights under his belt! He tried swimming for the first time this month too and LOVED it!! A lot of firsts this month and we feel soo blessed to watch him experience them all! We also enjoyed our first family vacation! It was great to have some family time together, show Noah some of our favorite places and introduce him to friends and family! 

Mommy & Daddy Update: Travelling with Noah wasn't bad at all, guessing as to what to pack was tricky because of the cooler weather, although this trip wasn't too bad! And I can honestly say I didn't over pack for Noah, he used pretty much everything I packed. We are getting better with packing up for day trips as well. We loved experiencing all of Noah's first this month. Crazy to think this month last year we were just finding out that we were expecting and now our miracle is here! Soo surreal, soo blessed and soo lucky to have such an easy going happy-go-lucky baby! 


Murdock's mama said...

I'm glad you pediatrician seems relaxed, I totally agree with them. Each baby is just different. Cullyn is over a year and still in the 10th percentile. As long as he continues to grow and is happy, I would be happy! :)

Sarah Tucker said...

Noah is seriously adorable! I always read your blog on my phone making it hard to comment, but after today's post I just had to log onto the computer and comment. He is so precious!

Hilary said...

So he didn't go to the pediatrician from the get go? (Obviously it's different up there!)

He is so cute, though. That picture of him sleeping just makes me want to cuddle with him!

Jessie Szmanda said...

He is getting SO big and is so cute. Love seeing his pictures on instagram :) So fun friend!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

He's so adorable!! Glad everything is going well and the Dr has backed off about his slow weight gain. I'm sure in 30 years we will be joking about how these guys were so small when babies but are now big men!

I'm jealous of your good sleeper. It's downright horrible here now. Doesn't help that it's so warm in his room at bedtime but them cools off throughout the night.

J and A said...

He does look so tall!! Glad he's gaining weight and the dr isn't so crazy anymore. Such a good little man! Love the sack family photo.


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