Monday, July 14, 2014

Calgary Night 1 & Weekend Rewind

Starting off where I left off from my last post - after our family nap on Canada Day after arriving at the hotel, we got ready and headed out to Earl's to meet up with Alison and Justin and we were finally able to meet Miss Delainey! Such a doll!! Her smile I swear lights up a room and she has such a sweet twinkle in her eye!

Dinner was great, I love how we are able to just pick up right where we left off. Crazy to think the last time we visited (2 years ago) our conversations were about our struggles with conceiving, and now here we were with our miracles meeting for the first time! Our conversations were now parenting strategies while eating some great food and sipping on some great wine and entertaining babies! Wouldn't change a thing!

This was the perfect start to a great week! Although I will say, I wish we lived closer, our daily email and texts are great, but hanging out together was awesome, made me sad to think that we live 4000 km away because we had soo much fun!

We snapped a few photos, discussed our plans for the next day and called it a night. Noah, M and I definitely struggled with adjusting to the time change, so an early evening was just what we needed, as we were in bed before dark. The last time we were down it wasn't bad, but because we have Noah now, and we were trying to keep his routine as similar as possible, being up soo much earlier, I think that is what caused the issue. Noah didn't sleep the best the first night, as to be expected, but we ended up putting him in bed with us half way through the night and he slept great.

The picture:

Apparently we had to pick the brightest spot to take the picture! Excuse the squinty eyes on all of us!

Alison's pic off her phone:

I forgot my wifi memory card, so Alison took a pics on her phone so we didn't have to wait 2 weeks to send them!

And just so I don't get too far behind on current events, our weekend rewind is pretty short this week, so here we have it:

We arrived home on Saturday, of course Noah woke up 15 minutes too soon on the way home from Toronto and screamed out in hunger. Will this ever get easier on a mama? I swear I now want to cry right along with him, it stresses me out soo much. I just want to make his world better in an instant.

Once we got home, we got a warm welcome from our pets. No cold shoulders this time, so we know they enjoyed their holiday too with M and A, who spoiled them I am sure. But it was great coming home after being gone for 2 weeks. We sat down and relaxed for a bit after I fed Noah. We also went to bed nice and early.

Noah didn't have a great first night home, as to be expected because of the time change, but he woke at 10:30, 3:30 for some reason and then 7:30, where we promptly fell asleep during that feed, woke at 8:30 to discover that and then M got up with Noah and I slept until 10:30 - apparently I was tired, but I think I just missed my bed.

Sunday we unpacked the suitcases, put away laundry, got a few things organized, went and got groceries and enjoyed some down time. Noah was a little out of sorts still, but I think once we get back into our routine he will be fine.

Today we are off to the doctors to get weighed and for his one oral vaccine and then we have a nice chill day planned at home and then dinner at the farm!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Love Earls- one of my fav restaurants!!

I so wish you lived closer too :( Can we help convince M to expand the family business out west?? :)

Enjoy your quiet day and hope everyone gets back on schedule soon.

J and A said...

WHY don't you live here. Or we live closer at least. Those dinners out would happen WAY more often!! :( Sad you are home already. What a day time!!


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