Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So What Wednesday

Oh boy, it is one of those weeks and to think Monday was actually was a good day! So here are some of the things I am saying So What to this week:

- so what if I am running on very little sleep today. I can't even blame my baby, but I can blame my allergies! 

-so what if I can also blame last nights crazy thunderstorm? It was intense, but luckily Noah slept through it! 

- so what if my child is slacking in the nap department. It's even worse than before, because now he becomes a bear and fighting sleep is at all time high! At least he sleeps all night is what I keep reminding myself with, but it can make for a long day. 

- so what if I drove into town yesterday all to realize that I forgot my wallet?? Waste of half an hour and my gas! 

- so what if I was determined and after waiting for Noah to nap (which he didn't), I fed him, at which point he had a nap and then we went into town! 

- so what if Monday was our 7 year anniversary that both M and I sort-of forgot about! We had talked about it on the weekend, knew it was approaching. I texted M in the late morning Happy Anniversary, to which we both laughed because we both forgot! We will do a nice dinner out eventually! 

- so what if M spoiled me yesterday with a rolo McFlurry, that is actually still in the freezer because if you know me, I'm the worlds slowest ice cream eater! Soo sweet of him! 

- so what if I have decided to crack down on my to-do list! This mama is making a rag quilt!! I got all the prep done yesterday, today I'm going to sew it all together after I find time to shower! 

- so what if today is the first day my pool remotely looks like a pool one could swim in!! It's been a funky shade of green since we got back from holidays! I've been fighting an algae battle and finally came out on top! I'm going to shock it one more time today for good measure!! 

- so what if that feels like a big accomplishment - pool treatment is no joke! We are slowly learning. I've had a pool my whole life, but never treated it! 

- so what if I found a mint chocolate chip cookie I actually like!! It reminds me of girl guide cookies. I don't even like mint chocolate chip! These are the ones: 

Do yourself a favor and go buy some! 

- so what if it looks and sounds like a jungle in my great room today? I'm trying to get my kid to nap and the jungle sounds on the mamaroo are working unlike every other baby item in the house that is scattered around the room after trying them all! Desperate measures mean desperate sounds! 


Jenn said...

I feel like I am a nut about making sure I have my wallet before I leave because I've totally been out and left it at home (or in my work bag). Once I realized it when I was getting my ID checked at a bar, and realized my entire wallet was back home.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Hope you get some rest very soon! Life is tough without it! :)

J and A said...

Yes slowest eater of anything ever!! Where did you get that mint cookie dough!?? Send it to me. Nomad and D have been talking. These no nappers!! Ah


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