Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Is New Wednesday?

I figure since I took a blogging hiatus for holidays I should update you all on what is going down with us now that we are home?

1. Noah turned 5 months old today!! How? Where did time go? I will say I love watching him experience new things, develop new skills, and listen to his new sounds! Such a fun stage! Both M and I were just saying how we couldn't imagine life without him, we are soo blessed!

2. On the topic of Noah, we are finally bouncing back into our timezone, everyone is sleeping much better now! Noah is less cranky, as long as I get him to nap before 5 PM - because 5 PM is cranky hour!

3. I am getting back on track with Operation Shape Up. I did take 2 weeks holidays, but somehow managed to not gain any weight! Perfect!! I will share more on this operation soon!

4. While Operation Shape Up is in progress, so is Operation Get Organized!! I don't know what it is about getting home from holidays that makes me want to get things moving, so the plan is everything must have a home and if it doesn't it goes, or something else goes to give it a home! M and I have both come to conclusion that we have too much "stuff".

Get Motivated to Get Organizing - Ask Anna

5. We are still waiting for the final report from the insurance company in regards to our roof, so while we wait for that, everything else is on hold too! Including the deck around the pool and phase 2 of the bathroom!

6. Noah has his first appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow. We will be addressing reflux and I'm sure his slow weight gain - which I am not as worried about. While M and I were away it was great not worrying about it at all, we would high five each other when people told us how big he was, then as soon as we get home, back to the doctors and the concern starts all over again. It is soo frustrating! I know everyone has his best interests at heart, but so do we! It would be a different story if he wasn't a happy, chill baby or wasn't going above and beyond his milestones monthly - then I would be concerned. If they considered his weight with being 3 weeks early he would be on par! So tomorrow will be interesting. I may just take friends advice and stop taking him to get weighed weekly to eliminate that stress.

7. We are getting ready to transition Noah up to his crib over the next 2 weeks -we are hoping! We wanted to give him a week to adjust to the time change again and then I want to start unswaddling him at night. A lot of big changes for him all at once! But during nap time he isn't swaddled, so I am going to start leaving one arm out at a time at bedtime, as well as wrapping him loosely. Then I will switch to a sleep sack, yet leave an arm tucked in and then completely out. That is my plan! Any tips or tricks on how you other moms made this transition?

Happy Wednesday Friends!!


Aubrey said...

I'll be interested to hear how the crib transition goes!!

J and A said...

Good work on not gaining on holidays - pretty sure I always do! And probably did just you guys being here!! ha ha Good luck with the shape up and organizing!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

They grow so fast! I think they only get more and more fun, enjoy it!


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