Friday, November 21, 2014

High Five Yo

Ahhh it's finally Friday! This week has been a busy week and for some reason I've been exhausted. But it seems like every night after Noah went to bed, M and I were busy working away at getting a little more organized, and I still feel like we have soo much to do!

But putting up the tree was a must! And this little man was in pure amazement of it! 
This picture means soo much to me! I can't wait to do a little tree photoshoot with him!! 

I have waited soo long for this exact moment and it didn't disappoint! I said last year while being pregnant that the magic of Christmas was coming back and now I can confirm that it is really here!! Although Noah won't really understand Christmas this year, it is already proving to be special to him and this alone makes it special to us. 

As I mentioned last year Christmas was the hardest for us during our infertility struggle, not only are we reminded of the pregnancies that we lost, but we always felt like we were missing something and that was the magic of the season. I know I sound crazy saying that, but for us it is like we have just found something we had been missing for years and our excitement is unreal! Christmas is a big deal around these parts and I never ever want to lose that feeling again.

Snow... It snowed a lot this week, now we are not talking snow like Buffalo, but we have a lot! Rumour has it might melt this weekend because we are supposed to get some positive temps again, which makes this mama happy!! 

This morning I hosted the girls get together for the week! It was actually really nice doing a day time activity, especially as all of our evenings are filling up with holiday fun! It was really nice being able to host again!! Man I missed having people over. Hopefully we will get the house a little more organized so I can get some pictures going for you all!! 

That's about all I got! Next week I will have an etsy shop to share with you all and maybe I will have a Christmas list put together by then!! 

Have a great weekend!! 


Stacy said...

love how amazed he is at the tree...have a blessed christmas season - all of you!

J and A said...

He's so cute with the tree!!!

Aubrey said...

How wonderful to finally have our little miracles around at Christmas!!


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