Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Sorry for the blogging hiatus last week... Not sure where the rest of the week went, aside from going shopping on Friday, where I happened to buy some Christmas presents!!

What else happened last week? Oh we booked our winter vacation!!! And since I saw snow on November 1st, you bet the countdown started!! 120 more days till we head to sunny St. Martiin!!

Oh and Noah helped carve his first pumpkin!!

On to the weekend. Friday night was Noah's first Halloween!! It was also our mission to keep him up later than usual to attempt to help with the time change!! We did keep him up late. On to the pictures: 

Saturday morning was pretty low key. M hung out with Noah while I hit the village craft sales and then he went to help J while I played with Noah or should I say watched Gracie play with Noah!! Love these two!! 

We had K's 3rd birthday in the afternoon. We popped by the house before hand and made a shopping list for things we needed to pick out. Drywall is all up and it is looking like a room again!! The sight lines are soo different!! It is going to look great!! 

After the party we headed home, J and G came for burgers at the farm and we worked on eliminating paint colors... In the dark haha. But it worked! We narrowed it down to 4, although I'd be lying if I was second guessing grabbing a few back!! Shhhh!!! 

Sunday morning Noah actually didn't do too badly with the time change! I enjoyed a sleep in regardless!! Love that M is a morning person and doesn't mind getting up early with the little man! Around 10:30, we left Noah with Grandma and headed out on a "date". It was as romantic as picking railing, crown moulding, a bathroom fan and lighting can be.... We hit up Kelsey's after, as I was dying for thier spinach dip!! It didn't disappoint! 

We headed back to the farm, put Noah down for a nap, as he was protesting that idea. And then we ran to the house to drop off all our goodies! Let's just say there is nothing romantic about spending THAT much money!! Ouch!! The costs really add up!! We also pretty much decided on one color!! And it is not a color you have seen on the blog before, like I thought we would have chose! But as much as I want the decision to be final, I'm not quite ready to admit that it is! Here are the four choices:

(The tile is our new backsplash)

I think we are all caught up now! 

It is a typical Monday over here - Noah is a bit crabby and he may have handled the time change well yesterday, but today, not so much!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Jordyn handled the time change well yesterday, but was up reading books at 4a today! :(

For what it's worth, I really like the smallest paint card with that tile. :)

J and A said...

So exciting you booked a vacay!! So fun. Love the backsplash! I like the middle top swatch!

Ms DanL said...

That costume! So stinkin cute!


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