Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midweek Ramblings

Soo apparently Noah is not adjusting well to the time change... which means I am not adjusting either!!

Monday Noah was a bear and Monday night was a total Mom fail, which finally left me texting M to come home and help. He was at fire practice and luckily was finished when I finally caved and texted him at 10 PM. Noah was up till 11 PM!! I've never had such a time trying to get him down!!

Yesterday he was still off, Grandma ended up giving him a Christmas gift early to help amuse captain cranky pants:

So instead of dealing with his crankiness, we decided to go shopping in Stratford! It was a great choice and seemed to be just what he needed!! We went to Target first, where I bought him a little people truck, as most of his toys now he is outgrowing or bored with. I also found a great selection of halloween candy and you bet I stocked up!! 70% off!! I bought receiving blankets to make a rag quilt with and bought myself some new pj pants so M can stop complaining about the ones I have being too big! $3 pj pants!! You all know I love great deals!!

Then we had Kelsey's for lunch again, which mean more spinach dip!! Soo good!!

The mall was up next. I had luck in winner's and bought Noah new bibs (waterproof ones for messy meals - we know they are coming). I also found a stroller blanket that is super warm for fall/winter! These are to find around these parts, so I was really happy to find one! I could use it in his car seat too!

I also got some new Christmas soap from Bath and Body Works - be sure to check out the new holiday smells! It was hard to choose!! Noah started to get a bit cranky, as we lost track of time and I am sure it was a combination of being hungry, overtired and teething and he cried the whole way home! Fun times! We got back to the farm, I nursed him and put him down and sure enough he slept for an 1:45. 

I had to wake him for dinner! I am pretty sure he would have slept all night if I hadn't woke him!

Off I went to Zumba and enjoyed a good hard work out!! Luckily I came home to a sleeping baby and was able to goto bed early!!

Today we have songs and stories at the library!


Katie Jeanne said...

I hope the sleep thing gets better... we are struggling with that, too. Regardless, he is adorable!

J and A said...

Awe I am sorry he isn't adjusting well!! :( Poor guys. Delainey didn't even notice! Glad you got some good deals. D love her little people! :) Nice work on the Zumba!

Kristin said...

Love the chevron bib!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Sounds like a change of scenery was exactly what Noah needed to get him back on track. Good work! And I am sure a good workout helped you feel better as well.

I love a good deal, so good work!

Leigh said...

Has the mall in Stratford improved at all? I always remember it as being kind of crappy

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Poor Noah and mommy! Hope he's better now. We dealt with the time change a week early when we came to Phoenix and the kids adjusted well shockingly!

Another blanket? How many blankets (not including receiving blankets) does he have? Leo has 4 I think, plus 2 knit ones but they don't get used often.

Sounds like a good shopping trip!


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