Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend started off with fantastic news from our contractor!! We are moving home this week!! Originally he had me excited with Wednesday!! As grateful as we are to be able to stay at the farm, instead of a hotel, we all can't wait to get back into our routine, have Noah sleeping in his own room again and enjoy our safe home once again!

Being away from home for 6 weeks is no easy feat! The things you end up missing the most are humorous. Mike has always complained about how I talk his ear off while in bed before sleeping and now he full on admits he misses it!! I always said I missed Noah being in our room, but it is clear as day that I don't really!! 

The paint is up in the great room/kitchen and bathroom and I am soo happy with it, after dreams of it being the wrong color, I ended up changing my mind last minute and we all know I don't make last minute decisions, especially with home decor. But I did and I love the result!! 

The kitchen cupboards should be up today, along with some of the crown moulding which we decided to have put up! The railing will likely be up tomorrow and better yet we are moving home tomorrow night!! 

Friday night was quiet, we watched Pitch Perfect after Noah went down and then called it a night! 

Saturday M worked in the morning, while Noah and I hung out. Saturday afternoon we went to the house to check on a stain color while Grandma and Grandpa watched Noah. We popped into town to go pick up more stain and a birthday present for G! We also took Noah down the toy isle for some Christmas present ideas and ended up buying one, but we will see if Daddy can hold out till Christmas to give it to him! Haha. 

We picked up dinner, headed back to the farm, fed Noah his dinner and then had a nice quiet evening playing with this little ham!! We had him giggling soo hard, M and I were in tears laughing soo hard as well!! It's these little moments together as a family that I cherish soo much! I hope to be able to remember them forever, and incase I dont, I made a recording on my phone! 

Sunday M had cold water rescue training, so I started off with baking chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and boy did they not disappoint!! Played with this little munchkin...

Then M headed back to the hardware store to grab crown moulding and backsplash glue while I started packing up a few loads of our stuff!! 

When we got to the house, M and his Dad cleaned up scrap metal, Sue started staining, I fed Noah and worked on cleaning the bedroom. When M was finished he came in and put Noah down for a nap in his room, which was a struggle because he hasn't been home for so long, but M had luck! I managed to get the bathroom toilet cleaned and tidied up a few other things. 

Later that night we had to stop by a special 2 year olds birthday!! Love these two together!! Surprisingly enough despite Noah being up past his bedtime, he was in great spirits!

He did fall asleep on the way back to farm, a whole 3 minute drive, so we put him in the bath, nursed him and then brought him down for Grandpa to read him his favorite book Clifford Goes To Bed!! 


Murdock's mama said...

I can't believe it was 6 weeks! I'm sure living through it, it seemed that long, but to an outsider, it went FAST!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Yay to great news about moving back home!! Crazy how 3 weeks turned into 6 and now you are almost back home. Hope everything turns out exactly how you want it to.

Little Noah is too cute! Love his big smile looking at that toy!

Aubrey said...

Ha ha love that you guys watched Pitch Perfect- we always get hooked on that movie!

Hope Underwood said...

The past number of weeks must had been quite hard for you. You guys had to adjust, and even the kids had to do that too. Little Noah must be thrilled to be back on his old stomping grounds. I hope everything went well with your project!

Hope Underwood @ Level and Square Construction


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