Thursday, November 13, 2014

These Are The Moments I Waited For

Last night reminded me of the little moments in life where I would sit and dream about, believe it or not.  Yes, I used to dream about sweet baby snuggles and all the great moments parenthood brings on, but I also used to dream about the not so great moments, like when your baby is screaming his head off, or won't go to bed. I know... Who am I? But maybe infertility prepared me, gave me a new look at these less glamorous moments. We have all had these trying times and as fast as I would like for them to pass, I remind myself that babies don't keep. These moments too shall pass. 

Noah was fighting sleep all day yesterday like it was his job! It makes sense, we just moved back home, he needs to re-adjust, we need to get our self-soothing back under control, but friends that doesn't happen over night. For the last 6 weeks I have rocked my baby to sleep and sometimes it has been for over an hour of dancing around the room, just to ensure he gets half an hours rest, and as tired as I would be, or as sore as my arms and back would be, I did it because that is what made him comfortable in our new surroundings. Mike would wake up numerous times a night to do the same thing. We coped, we survived and as much as we are ready to bounce back to the way it used to be, we aren't complaining. 

While waiting for our child we would hear people complaining about sleepless nights, or screaming children, you name it. But for us, these moments mean soo much to us! We have a baby that is able to wake us up at night, that needs extra snuggles right now, a child that we would do anything for! 

Last week I actually had to call Mike home to come and help me get Noah to bed, because he wouldn't budge and as much as I felt like a huge failure, I was soo grateful to have someone I could call home to help. 

Last night M had a massage and tried to get Noah down before he left, which didn't work, so I tried for 40 more minutes and then decided this wasn't happening, especially seeing how our day went. So I brought him downstairs, ran myself a bath, put him in the bouncy seat he is too big for, strapped him in and put him right beside the tub and relaxed. As relaxing as playing peek a boo with a rubber ducky that is, but he was happy and I therefore I was too!! Was this ideal? No! Would I have preferred to have a bath by myself? Sure. BUT, instead I had a laughing baby beside me, up way past his bedtime, but he was content and sometimes, you just have to forget about the should be's and just let life happen. This is hard for me. 

I am a planner and you can't exactly plan life with a baby, just like you can't stick to a plan of when you will have a baby. It would be nice, but realistically we can only plan soo much! 

So next time you are stressing because your child isn't sleeping, or fussing, remind yourself how lucky to are for these moments and remember this too shall pass! 


Murdock's mama said...

Love this post! <3

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

SO true and a great post and reminder :)

Katie said...

i love this reminder! i am so longing for a full nights rest as addilyn has only sleep through the night a few times, but I remind myself often how long I waited for her and how I don't know if we'll get another baby and that this phase will go so fast!

J and A said...

I totally agree. Love all the moments, easy or hard because they are ours!

Aubrey said...

Love this. our babies are such little miracles :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

A good reminder! These moments pass far too quickly.


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