Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loves on Wednesday

Today I have quite the list of loves to share with you!! 

First and foremost we are HOME sweet HOME!!! And we celebrated with a glass of wine last night!! It was fantastic!! 

Speaking of wine, I have two bottles that I am loving right now, both being moscato of course! The one we had last night:

Which is actually gluten free believe it or not!! 

The second one is Cavit:

There is still some work going on in the house, but we are slowly but surely getting settled and next up will be Christmas decor!! I will share pictures once we are a little more settled! 

I decided we would swap couches for the time being and put our big sectional downstairs and our smaller one upstairs! We eventually plan to buy leather furniture for upstairs, but this will do for at least the holiday season! I think we will start spending more time in the basement as well as Noah gets bigger and his toys do too!! 

We have said farewell to the mamaroo!! Sad day in my husbands world, as he loved it, and it servd us for a long time! But Noah started sitting up in it, so it was time to say goodbye for now! Best money spent was on that baby item, we definetly got our money's worth! This means we only have the exersaucer for big bulky baby items in the great room now!! 

I love that we will be decorating for Christmas soon, you know once we get settled!! I can't wait to see Noah during the holiday season!! 

Of course I'm loving my sweet little family but believe it or not I'm going to get through a post without posting a pic of Noah!! Yup, this means you are only getting pics of wine!! 

Happy Wednesday friends!! 

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J and A said...

Love that top wine! It's a good one! Glad you are home! YAY!!!


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