Monday, November 24, 2014

When It Snows, It Freezes and then...

When it snows, it freezes and then when it thaws, it rains in my dining room!! Ahhh!! Another project and we haven't even got through the current kitchen/great room reno and now we need a new ceiling in the dining room!! Is there such a thing as a 10 year house? Because I am really believing you don't stay in a house longer than 4.5 years, because when you hit 5 years, you hit a lot of problems!! Yes we live in an old house, and therefore it comes with old house probs and the good news is this house will seem new by the time we finish with it!!

So here is my beautiful ceiling in my dining room now!! 

So let's rewind to Friday! 

Friday morning the girls came over! Friday afternoon, Noah had an hour long nap and then we went pendant light shopping with J! I found two contenders, both the same price! I really like the second one the best, but I'm not sure it's right for the space and M's first choice is the first pic! 

I think we are leaning towards the first one! 

After that we headed to Carter's and did a little shopping for cloths for Noah! They had all the summer cloths on for 2.99 and then 20% off, so I bought cloths for St. Martin! I couldn't beat the prices and didn't have much for him to wear while we are away. Now I have an outfit an day and I spent like $15 for a weekly wardrobe for him for that week! I also got him an outfit for him to wear Christmas Day! 

Friday night J invited us over for an impromptu dinner! It was great because this meant I didn't have to cook and it was a new recipe that I think we will make at home! Taco casserole! I whipped up a quick apple crisp for dessert! 

Saturday morning M was working, Noah gave me a wonderful sleep in until 9!! I love it when he does that! We hung out for the morning and then just as I was expecting M home, I noticed the water leak! Needless to say I told M he needed to come home quickly. We figured out the problem, luckily it's an easy fix, I don't need a new roof or shingles, just a heat cable to help prevent freezing in the area! But I do need a new dining room ceiling!

M started working on changing the hot tub water, which makes me very happy, because after all this stress lately, there is nothing I miss more than soaking in my hot tub! Especially now that I can enjoy a glass of wine with it! 

We had a friend pop by to look at our ceiling and turns out he is going to help us out with it, which is great! I love work trades! Looks like we will getting the dining room repainted too, but I told them they need to save my striped wall!! Good thing I was kind of getting sick of the yellow paint! 

Saturday night was low key. M did get the hot tub water changed and we can go in Tuesday!! Oh I am excited! 

Sunday we had a nice morning hanging out as a family. Sunday afternoon we sent Noah to the farm so we could get some more organizing done! It was great being able to dedicate 2 hours to a single project, we were actually able to accomplish quite a bit and Noah had fun too!! 

When we got home, we put Noah down for a snooze and got a few more things done! We were going to go out for Chinese food in town with M's parents, but Noah was super grumpy, so we decided to goto the pub in the village instead! M left when he finished eating, as Noah was starting to fuss, so he came home and got Noah in the bath (perk of living around the corner) while I finished eating! 

While he put Noah down I decided we better take advantage of the warmer weather and it had stopped raining, so I took the dogs for a nice walk!

Noah had a super rough night, but luckily its a rain day for Daddy, so he was able to go into work an hour later and luckily Noah slept in until after 9 for me!


Murdock's mama said...

If it isn't one thing it's another, huh?! :( What a pain!

Yay for sale shopping! I can't wait until Friday. Black Friday sales for us! :)

Leigh said...

Oh no, that sucks about the leak :( Hopefully it can be fixed easily and isn't too big of a pain

J and A said...

Boo to the roof!! :( YAY to sales for a hot trip!! SO fun.

Sarah Alway said...

Oh no! I sure am glad it was an easy fix... I would have been completely freaking out!

Vanessa D said...

I hate it when roofs behave badly, and it looks as if you have lovely ceilings with character. It's a lucky break on not needing a new roof and finding someone who can help with the repairs.

tara @ the every things said...

i COMPLETELY agree with the whole 5 year thing. we are running into all our problems too!!


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