Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just One Of Those Days

Ugh we are having a rough go today, actually I shouldn't say we, because it is entirely me! Luckily Noah is in great spirits!

First I will start off and say that we have extra visitors in our house right now and I am less than impressed with their presence! I guess moving out of the house, along with your cats for 6 weeks can do this, but the mice are back. Bad enough that my dishwasher is getting a work out to sanitize all my dishes that were boxed up, because I found evidence of mice, but baskets of laundry we just brought home are now being washed like crazy now too. 

I hate mice! This morning I found evidence of them in another basket of laundry! Ahhhh! 

Then I goto the bank, get $20 out for parking at the hospital, not that I ended up needing it because I got the free parking spots for Noah's appointment! The appointment went well, we were in and out. Then we grabbed some groceries and that's when I realized I lost the $20!! No clue where, hopefully next week I will be able to tell you about finding $20, but today it's gone. 

Which leads me to the next problem... I'm searching the diaper bag to find my $20 and what do I find a rip in the seam of my diaper bag! Soo mad! I'm hoping they will cover me under the 1 year warranty... I ordered it on November 13 last year, but it was even shipped to me until the 20th, so I didn't receive it until like the 25th! It's on decorative seam, not even a spot that would be pulled or used.
Then we are coming home from town, we are coming into the village, the roads are suddenly crappy from blowing snow, so luckily I was driving slow, but a car decided it would stop suddenly to turn, but took forever to turn and I almost ditched the car. Insert mini heart attack!! Luckily it turned just in time as I was approaching the shoulder of the road and I was able to correct in time. 

And then... I realized Lily got into the bedroom garbage and put my Kleenex all over the floor!!! 

So that's how my day is going... Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a full week recap since this week has wandered away on me as far as blogging goes!! 


J and A said...

Oh dear! What a day!! Hope it gets better - you find the $20 and you talk to them about the bag! Not ok for this new!! I have a rip on the inside lining of mine but it's probably because I shove way more into it then I should!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh boo! I hope your day is going better now. And they better warranty your bag!

Hilary said...

Oh man. :-( My last three weeks have seemed like this too. I hope things get better soon!

Murdock's mama said...

Oh no! I hate those days! I hope your weekend went much better! :)

Aubrey said...

Sorry for your bad day! I'm glad Noah was at least all smiles for you :)!!


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