Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day In The Life of Noah {V1}

Here is our first "A Day In The Life Of Noah" post that we documented yesterday May 5th 2015 and granted our day didn't start off typical, it's a glimpse of what goes on!

This morning Mike's alarm woke up the whole house at 5:45 AM. He went to shut it off quick, hit the table which scared the cat, which aided in waking up Noah, it was like a domino effect! 

Mike tried to get him back to sleep, but that didn't work, so he was up at 6:25 AM! 

Noah hung out with Daddy, gave him his morning bottle and played until I had to get up at 6:50 AM! Thankfully Daddy ended up do the daily vacuum in the great room, so I didn't have to worry about it! 

Noah was super grumpy when M left at 7 AM, so I let him play his Ocean game on the iPad for 10 minutes while he calmed down! 

But he was pretty much a write for the first half hour:

Around 7:30 he started to cheer up a bit! Amazing what puppy snuggles can go for ya: 

It's 7:50 and Noah has finally realized he hasn't checked his mail! His little house has a mail box and we cram different things into it every night after he goes to bed and he is always surprised to see what is in it and it encourages him to play with different things!  He of course has to show his partner in crime!  These two play together all day until Noah tries to drive over her with his vacuum or lawnmower. 

At 8:30 we decide to have breakfast! 

Fresh blueberries and raspberries, pears that I made and froze and some banana peach granola bar! No complaints: 

We followed that up with a few Cheerios and some juice! 

8:45AM - we decide to get Noah dressed before his nap because we have library after his nap and it's nice enough to walk, so we will need the extra time to do that! Ready for the day: 

At 9:10 I took Noah up for his nap and rocked him to sleep - he was out by 9:15. I came downstairs and washed the floors quickly before hopping into the shower and getting myself ready: 

10:27 Noah wakes up! Guess we aren't walking to songs and stories at the library! So we drive and are only 10 minutes late!  

Today there wasn't many kids, so I let him try the craft and then of course it was playtime after the songs and stories! 

11:36 AM: We made it home just in time to see that S was already there with Maeve! J showed up shortly with Chloe! We had a nice little lunch date including Kale salad from Costco - have you tried this? Soo good and soo healthy! We also had pizza bites and cupcakes! Yum! We also sported a little day drinking with Somersby that we threw some fruit in too! 

Noah had lunch around noon which was cheese, crackers, raspberries, yogurt and a cookie! 

S left around 1:15PM and I took Noah up to bed shortly after and he was asleep by 1:25! J and I hung out, took many pics of sweet baby Chloe: 

Look at her smiling about the little Parker And Posie shoes I got her! My goto baby gift!! 

2:30 Noah is awake and J is heading out!  Noah woke up in a great mood!! So we headed straight outside! We tried our the swing in the back yard! 

Yup no complaints!! Gracie was jealous! 

While Lily laid under Noah in the swing! 

3:30 we decided to walk over to get the mail! Old Navy order!! Two dresses to keep, a shirt to return and a shirt to keep for Noah! I let Noah take his car to the post office which was great fun for him, but a challenge for me since the wheel for easy steering was off! 

We came in for a snack of more berries and water. Grandma popped in to see Noah around 4:30 and then we headed back outside to play for a bit longer before coming in for dinner around 5:20 PM! 

5:25 PM - fed Noah dinner which was pizza left overs and a veggie pack. Yup totally wanted to change it up from the veggies I have made that are frozen. 

After Noah finished dinner we played for a bit longer until Daddy called to say he was leaving the field so it was time to go into town and grab dinner! I forgot it was McHappy Day, so we had to support this amazing cause, as Ronald McDonald has been called home by my sisters family as well as many others I know! You may recall I've talked about making dinner for the house before or making donations! 

The line up was long, but worth the wait! We also got ice cream! Noahs first McDonalds ice cream: 

We got home at 7 PM, M ate his dinner (I ate mine on the road) and Noah played a bit before starting our bedtime routine! 

Noah and M had their shower/bath by 7:30, Noah got ready for bed and enjoyed his bottle and snuggles afterwards! 

Noah went to bed just after 8! 

M finished tiding up the kitchen, we picked up the toys that Noah failed to pick up - he's getting so much better at this! 

Then it was time for some R&R! Well I actually beaded strands for my sisters Etsy shop while getting caught up on Game Of Homes and then I watched Chicago PD and it was bedtime at 11 PM. It dawned on me as we crawled into bed that we forgot to walk the dogs! 

That was a full busy day! It was kind of fun documenting our day, so I will likely try it again!!


Murdock's mama said...

Funny...I posted a DITL today, too. Although I must admit, it's my worst one yet. I'm almost embarrassed to post it! LOL

Christy said...

OH! I didn't know she was your sister! I absolutely adore her shop and spend way too much money there. How neat!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Wow I'm exhausted reading about your day! So much fun though! Jealous of all the outside time- it's been a bit chilly here this week.

Love your skirt! I'll have to check ON for dresses- I often have luck there!

Noah is too cute pushing his car and I think he likes the swing! :)


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