Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Things My Child Teaches Me

Lately I have found myself either in some sort of delirium when it comes to the lessons I am learning on a daily basis lately! Granted my son is on the verge of 15 months, just 15 months, yet I can remember wondering if he would ever roll over, then crawl, then walk and talk... etc. Now that is all happening and add in rough housing, stair climbing, stunt acts, and temper tantrums. Some days I wish for those days back when I wondered if he would ever get there, but this stage is also soo much fun and it is really just a fact of me getting over the fact that my baby isn't a baby anymore, he is a full on toddler!

Lesson 1: when he falls, he will will get back up again and even if the first idea seemed dangerous... You bet he is going to do it again until he gets it right! Children are fearless at this age, they have no concept of distance whatsoever. We have had our first shiners, first scraped knee, headers, nose bleeds, pretty much everything short of needing to make a trip to the hospital, but I'm sure that first is coming sooner than later with Noah's track record. 

I can literally sit on the edge of my seat ready to spring up into action when he falls and granted he is getting soo much better - I am not because the potential for injury is only getting greater as he finds new things to climb. I try my best to only intervene when there is too much danger involved, but I also want him to learn for himself and hopefully not the hard way! Kids are going to be kids and I don't want to hold him back from learning at lesson, as long as the lesson isn't drastically dangerous.

Lesson 2: Noah is not an itty bitty baby anymore! Clearly in my eyes he still is and that is why I am having such a hard time letting him explore... Because let's face it - it can't be my kid testing my limits yet alone his own limits as mentioned above. He is now the king of his own castles and stands on everything off the ground if he can get up on it. Scraped knees didn't even phase him - it phased me more than him! Noah is proud as punch with his new accomplishments and his smiles beam when he accomplishes something new! He is not as breakable as he once was, or as we at least thought he once was! Kids are resilient.

Lesson 3: A simple hug and kiss from Mom can heal most wounds and if that doesn't work, a drink or snack usually can! 

Lesson 4: no one told me just how much I would love this kid. My heart is literally working at a pace it has never known to this extent. Each and everyday I love this kid more and more. The way he looks at me, the way he holds my hand, the snuggles and hugs, blowing kisses, his contagious smiles and laughter, his drunken toddler walk, the funny faces and his own words. He really gets me when he is soo passionate with our pets. I am soo blessed and soo grateful to have such an amazing little boy. 

Lesson 5: each day will have its challenges, whether it be as simple as shorter naps, to full fledged tantrums over the silliest things. You can't reason with a toddler. They don't get it! Heck I'm not even sure Noah has even really figured out the word no. I think it might just be a fluke when he listens. But I will say seeing him follow instruction or understand what I am saying feels like the biggest accomplishment! Time outs are still a fun source of entertainment over here. I know he is too young to get what time out is, but it distracts him from what he shouldn't be doing and at this age it is enough to change his thought direction. 

Lesson 6: "I told you" so is no longer as fun to say because it most of the time ends up in a fall or injury of some sort... I told you not to do that, etc. I used to love being right, but now that phrase is sadly no longer something to brag about. Instead it involves tears, kisses and hugs to make Noah feel better. One day he will get it... Right? 

Lesson 7: just because you are not ready, does not mean your child isn't. Noah has beat me to the punch quite a few times with things I assumed he was too young or too small to learn, as well as a few things I just wasn't ready for him to learn. Kids minds are developing every single day, what they couldn't do yesterday is a whole new ball game tomorrow. 

I can't even pretend like I know what I am doing as a mom. I don't know what works and doesn't until I try it. It's all trial and error around these parts. I can see what others around me have done and see what works for us. I know how I want my children to end up and I just have to figure out the best way to get there! Being a Mom is no joke, I second guess a lot of my decisions wandering if it's best for Noah or our family. I remind myself constantly not to sweat the small stuff. I am just loving all these lessons.


Lindsay said...

Aw, what a sweet post! I am at that stage right now with my almost 14 month old, thinking "is he EVER going to finally walk". When in reality I know eventually he will but I'm anxious for it to happen. Noah is looking so much like a big boy now and so handsome! xo

Aubrey said...

Love this! He's so cute!

J and A said...

Well said! Every day is a new adventure! :)


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