Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday's Loves

I am loving the sleep ins I have got this week so far! Yesterday and today Noah slept in past 8 AM! I am pretty much in shock when I look over at the alarm clock! He's been waking around 7 AM but I leave him up in his crib and sure enough the past two days he has fallen back asleep! It throws our day off a bit, but it is well worth it!

I finally bought new spatulas and tongs yesterday. I have been telling Mike how bad ours are and obviously he sees it too, but I never remember to grab them, but yesterday while at Walmart, I remembered. I also remembered mini muffin cup liners, and lucked out and found ball pit balls in stock!  Of course after I just arranged picking up some used ones, but we now have more than enough balls and Noah loves it! 

Yesterday I got my nails done finally and sure enough I went with coral tips for a change! I tend to go 6 weeks between getting fills, which is a bit nicer on the bank, but therefore I don't want full colored nails, just tips or light colored full nail color. 

I dropped off the latest Aqua necklace that was longer than my son yesterday and welcomed a new color of bright yellow to work with! My sister also ended up with an extra dlink monitor, so we offered to       buy it off her to try. We love our angel care video monitor, however the battery doesn't last on the parents monitor - we get like 2 hours tops, so if we aren't in bed by 10, which is rare, then we have to switch to our audio only monitor. So I set up the monitor last night and love the features! We can use it later for home monitoring too and I love being able to access it remotely. 

So I am just about finished this post and sure enough I have only posted one pic! 

So... Mike had a little ride along on the plow yesterday...

Isn't it cute? A little raccoon! Apparently he thought it was a good place to snooze and had rode along with Mike all morning because they didn't find him until just before lunch time! They helped him along and sure enough he went down the plow steps and crept across the field! Raccoons are soo funny! 

Noah has been super obsessed with climbing up on his chair all by himself since the weekend! He is just soo proud of himself!!


Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

You can go 6 weeks between nail fills? That's crazy! Your nails must not grow that fast! I always had to get mine done every 3 weeks. We need a picture!

Cute raccoon!

If I had those balls at my house they would be everywhere! You must be more patient than me!! Looks like fun though!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I wish A slept that late, she got used to early wake ups since we wake her at 6:45am all week, so on weekends she is usually up by 7am.
The raccoon is cute!

J and A said...

Good for you on getting your nails done. I stopped when D was born, I hate sitting there and my nails grow SO fast now!! D would not keep any of those balls in the pit!! We only use them in the bath! :)


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