Friday, May 1, 2015


Oh boy am I excited it is Friday May 1st!! Why you ask? Oh because I have a date with my boyfriend Luke Bryan tonight!! I may have to share him with every other lady, but it should prove to be a good time regardless!

My sister, friend Sarah and her friend Ella are all heading out to Hamilton to go for dinner and then the concert! My last concert was Rascall Flatts, which was pretty awesome, but Luke Bryan might just top Rascall Flatts on looks alone!! Getting tickets was no easy feat, but I guess it was meant to be!! 

Unfortunately we will miss Daddy's first ball game of the season, but in all honesty it is for a good reason right?? Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting Noah. 

Speaking of Noah, we had his pediatrician appointment yesterday and he got a clean bill of health, with no concerns! 

I will say that Noah is obsessed with his Gracie dog and spends most of his days doing this:

And this:

And it seriously melts my heart. I'm soo glad he has the same passion for animals that M and I do! 

Tomorrow we have my FIL's birthday and I let Noah pick out the cards! He at least chose happy birthday cards! 

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so hopefully we will get some more stuff done outside and have some good family time, as we are much in need! Last weekend was waay to busy!! 

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!! 


Alana Livingston said...

Agh, I'm so jealous!!! I just told my husband last night that I want to go to a Luke Bryan concert!
We are going to see Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean on May 16th and I'm super excited! (it will only be like my 5th time to see Kenny haha)

On a semi-unrelated note, do you watch Nashville? It's kind of crazy how much Luke Wheeler reminds me of Luke Bryan...makes me love Luke Bryan even more! haha

Leigh said...

Have so much fun at the concert!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Hope the concert was fun!!

Cute idea to let Noah pick out the cards!!

J and A said...

Hope the concert was awesome! I love Luke, I just think she shakes it a little too much!! ha ha I always think he looks kinda silly so I like just listening to him better! ha
I love how much our kids love their dogs!!


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