Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 2-4 Weekend Rewind

Wow, what a nice long weekend that was! I'm sad to see it over!

Friday night M had ball - they won by one run in the last inning! It was intense, but great nonetheless! However, we had our first issue at ball as far as Noah went. I got him to sleep just like last time, but then some kids were around his stroller and woke him up... He was up pretty much the whole game. Luckily grandma was there to help me out! I'm pretty sure he whined or cried the last 3 innings! It was very frustrating, so lesson learned - isolate myself from loud situations. We ended up having to take him for a half hour drive to get him to sleep. 

I figured Saturday would be rough, but he slept in until 8:20 and then it was time to pack him up after his bottle to head to the farm to spend the morning and afternoon with Grandma while I went to London to help my Mom move some stuff to her new apartment. 

Noah didn't have too bad of a day when you think of how late he was up Friday night. He did refuse to nap for Grandma yet again, but Daddy managed to get him down when he got home. 

I managed to get most of Moms kitchen moved over to the new place, as well as hitting up the beauty supply store to get some blue shampoo and good hydrating shampoo and conditioner. I also bought a new product to me called Its A 10 - it is a miracle hair treatment that helps prevent fly always and allows a smooth sleek healthy look! Pretty much a necessity with this new hair growth that is still happening! 

On my way home from my moms I managed to get the few things I forgot at the grocery store and got home just intime for dinner. 

We enjoyed a nice long family walk before turning the little man down for bed! 

The weather this weekend has been hot, kind of gloomy, but the sun was coming off and on and that was alright for a long weekend when it usually rains. 

Sunday was our family day. Sunday morning I slept in and we tidied up the house a bit and when Noah went down for his nap, M started opening the pool! He managed to get the cover pumped off and we started filling it back up. 

C and S came over for a nice visit, granted Noah is in a super make strange mode right now, but he eventually warmed up to his Aunt Carrie, but not so much with Uncle Steve. But we did have a nice visit as usual! 

We had ribs and baked potatoes for dinner and they were excellent!! 

I watched a few movies this weekend, both of which were really good, especially the movie You're Not You. It is about a lady with ALS, it was a tearjerker, but soo good! I reccomend it! 

The other movie I watched was People Like Us and it was pretty good too!!

On Sunday night we found out that my uncle/godfather had a heart attack. So we awaited news to hear that he was doing well and was in recovery.

We enjoyed another long family walk of the village and then relaxed the evening away. I ended up sleeping like crap that night. 

Monday Noah got up at 8, M was working, so we did our usual vacuum and play in the morning. 

M's Mom came over to do my patio cushions and boy did they turn out soo nice!! I am soo happy with them!! The colours really pop and work well together!! She also watched Noah for me so I could head up to the hospital to visit my uncle with my Dad. 

Mike was home by the time I got home, so we had dinner, some family time and then our little monkey didn't want to settle for bed and ended up putting himself to bed for the first time in a few months! This was welcomed, as we have been talking about trying to get him to self soothe again. We had it down pat before we moved out for our reno, so we know he can do it, but then teething ensued, etc. So that is something we are going to work on this week with naps and what not! I also just bought a used crib aquarium to help, but I don't get it until next week. So hopefully we will have made strides by then. I think it will be hard for Daddy t not rock him to sleep every night, as that is time with Noah that particularly loves!

Today we will hopefully have a nice low key day! 


Murdock's mama said...

I LOVE your new furniture! I'm going to have to check out those movies!

J and A said...

Sounds like a great and busy weekend! The furniture looks great! Noah is a good sleeper inner! :) D pretty much wakes at 6 and naps by 830am! :) I'll have to get J to find those movies for me.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That is an awesome sleep in! Avery is usually up by 7am and naps by 9:30 on weekends. Crazy girl ;)
I swear I had no hair loss but have those little flyaways right now! So maybe I did and this is growth back. I do not need more hair!
I love your patio cushions, awesome fabric choice!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I need to find that hair stuff! Hate the hair regrowth.

Is Noah still having multiple naps? Leo usually has 1 nap at home but 2 at the dayhome. Whatever works!

Love the patio cushions!

Hope your uncle is ok! Scary news!


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