Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Things...

This morning I thought we were ahead of the game by leaving the house just before 10 AM - a miracle on its own... This meant breakfast on the go for Noah because he slept in again - no complaints there!

So I first we hit Lens Mills to buy fabric and oh boy did we buy fabric... Granted I forgot the papers with the exact amounts I needed, but luckily I could remember vaguely enough! I ended up buy a bit extra, but that was because I ended up getting it all on sale! You know me, I love a sale or anyway to save money!! I got 30% off the chevron patterns and 20% off when I luckily finished a bolt! Glad I went today!! Here is what we went with:

That is for all my patio sets. I have a total of 3 sets to recover! Remember when I said I had a pallet project in the works? Well that is on hold for now because I may not need it! We tend to entertain a lot, so lots of seating is a must. But I ended up with an extra free set I found someone getting rid of on Facebook, so I jumped on it. It needs some work, but I'm excited about it! Therefore building a pallet couch may not be needed! We will see! The pallets aren't going anywhere.

This fabric is for my loungers. The blue fabric is old - I bought it almost 2 years ago to recover the hammock, but I decided to get rid of the hammock (to my Dad) but was just a bit short on fabric, so the grey is going on the bottom - which you won't see. 

Then I came across this gem! I am seriously in love with this fabric. It was love at first sight and every sight after! I have been looking for a fabric to recover my bench seat in the great room with, as grey and white just doesn't match anymore, but struggled to find the perfect fabric until today! So we bought 4 yards because it was on sale and I will make couch cushions with it as well! 

Noah was starting to get antsy, so I let him walk the isles, which he was a big fan of, but we were both ready to go and I knew I had a few more stops with him. 

Of course we went to the grocery store and I forgot a few of the things I wanted to get that were on sale - the main purpose for picking that store. But Noah was done, he had clued in that he wasn't getting a morning nap and the restlessness was starting to set in! So we hit up the bank and headed home where we played operation keep Noah awake! He was fading fast and of course we got the longest train on the way home, so we resorted to taking selfies for entertainment! 

I really just wanted to get him home, give him lunch and then he could have a proper nap in his bed! We just barely made it, he eyes were starting to roll back when we pulled in the driveway! 

So that is why you are getting an afternoon post instead today! 

Last night we had chicken wings from the pub for dinner and man were they ever good! We haven't ordered or eaten there in months, so it was a really good change! 

It's a rainy gloomy day today, just as the May 24 weekend usually is, although it is supposed to hot, with only chances of storms.

My mom gets her new apartment today, so I am dropping Noah off at the farm (Mike is working) and I am heading to London to help her move for a few hours. She has a moving company coming to move her furniture next week, so we will move what we can.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend!! 

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Murdock's mama said...

I can't wait to see your new patio set when it's all finished! We really need to work on our outdoor space at the lake sometime soon!


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