Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is It Friday Yet?

Yesterday was rough!

Stroller Boot Camp Class is next week! Mommy brain!! Luckily I clued in the night before... And it was for the better anyways, as yesterday was busy! 

I had to run into to to get Noah new pacifiers, as he has been chewing holes in them with his recent bout of teething. I think that is what is going on at least! He has been more reliant on his pacifiers lately mainly at bed time, which sucks, as I was trying to ween him off of them, but he is just not ready! We need to get through the teething phase and right now they soothe him.

We also lost a shoe in Walmart which we realized as we got to the car, so we went back and luckily it was in the cart! 

I got Noah an aquarium for his crib (used for $20 - thrifty mom), although so far he either doesn't like it, or will sit and watch it. I know it is just something new and hopefully once he figures it out it will help him with settling himself to sleep. 

Noah was in no nap mode yesterday which means a super long day for Mommy, but we survived with some outside play. 

Excuse the weeds- we just sprayed and will hopefully pull them this weekend! 

It has been super hot this week, so I filled up the water table and let him go nuts! He was soaked within a matter of minutes, so I clean his pool (soo much pollen) and he played in there too! I tried to sit in the sun for a bit, but instead of getting color, my freckles all popped! Maybe tomorrow I will get some color! 

Needless to say Noah hardly made it through dinner, he was a bear and I was beginning to lose my patience. He hardly ate, so I put him straight to the bath, he was asleep by 6:30... 

We finally got a bit of rain last night which should help keep some of this pollen and dust down a bit! It has been a super dry spring around here, which is good for my hubby and the farmers trying to get their crops in. 

Today we just have songs and stories at the library and then maybe we can have some sort of a normal day, because that sure hasn't happened this week. If I make it to Friday, better yet Saturday afternoon when M gets home from work, it may be luck! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Days like that are tough! Hang in there mama, Friday will be here soon enough!

The pollen has been so bad around here too! I'm lucky it doesn't bother me but J has been struggling.

I'm not sure when we will wean from the soother. Leo generally only gets it at nap and bed time. I'm in no rush to drop it maybe a few more months?

Get him a cardboard box- I'm sure he will love that!! Haha!


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