Thursday, May 5, 2016

3 Things on Thursday!

Let's start off by saying Miss Emilya is a month old today!!! What??!! I know - it's crazy. Even on the longest days, it's gone by fast. I am happy to say that things have calmed down on the home front. The house is slowly getting cleaned, I am slowly starting to do more, and I am feeling good. I look forward to getting out in some nice weather with the kids and getting out for walks. Supper time is still the hardest parts of our day, and bedtime is a two man operation, as Emilya is fussing or getting ready for bed herself. We had Grandpa come over last night to help with bedtime for Noah, since M had a meeting at 7 he couldn't be late for. We are soo greatful for family living close by to help us out when we need it!

Tonight my Dad and Cindy are coming over for dinner. I sure know Noah will be excited!!! 

Last night Emilya did not sleep well, not that I am complaining, because generally she is a fantastic sleeper, but I'm sure she is going through a growth spurt right now based on how she is eating. She is also clingy right now - which means extra snuggles! 

I finally cut Noah's hair, man it was getting straggly, but I wanted to make sure his head was good and healed post staples coming out! He let me use the clippers this time and I am really happy with how it turned out! I left it a little longer in the top and hand trimmed it. 

Let's talk fabric for a second! Emilya's fabric came in for her quilt:

I'm soo in love with it!!! I also get to start using fabric I've had stashed for little girl gifts for my own little girl now!! Bye bye boy burp clothes, hello pretty pink and girly fabrics: 


Murdock's mama said...

Love Noah's haircut & the fabric you bought!!

Alana Livingston said...

She is so alert!! Lily will be 3 weeks tomorrow--I didn't realize they were only a week apart! I cannot wait to see the blanket you are making for her!

Lindsay said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL colors of fabric! You have an eye for picking out beautiful patterns! I wish you lived closer so that I could have some snuggles with Emilya!

And I finally purchased some clippers so I need some tips on cutting a little boys hair! PLEASE! :)



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