Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend Rewind

What a hot busy weekend!!! Friday night we discovered our air conditioner wasn't working right, of course right before M needed to leave for baseball, so as you can imagine, he was late! Luckily it cooled down overnight, so it wasn't a big deal shutting it off for the night. But I did put this little lady in a little night gown just in case she got too warm! 

But she woke up a happy camper, so she was just fine!! 

Saturday morning consisted of morning chores... Noah prefers to do his with his "delivery dump truck" when putting away his laundry! We got the floors cleaned, laundry put on and folded. 

We all got dressed for some more fun outside and this little turkey fought napping ALL day! 

After nap, M was home, so we all headed outside to work on opening the pool! We had a little snack outside and did a little splashing:

We also had a little dance party and then the boys headed in to pick up pizza for dinner because it was just too hot to cook anything. 

Overall it was a fun, yet busy day! 

Sunday morning we all slept in again! Our morning started off with housework and of course I came up with the great idea to smoke some ribs. I always forget how long the process is for smoking, but gave M enough notice, so the boys got the smoker all ready to go.

Emilya and I had a little down time before M's cousin came over to meet Emilya. We had a nice visit, despite Noah being a grumpy sock! 

That afternoon it was super hot, so instead of working outside on the garden as planned, M works on unpacking boxes in the basement to keep cool for a bit while Noah napped and once I it Emilya down, I decided to take a nap too!! 

We all woke up happy!! 

We had somemore visitors when I woke up, M's friend J along with his daughter and dog. They ended up leaving just before dinner. 

Our ribs and coleslaw salad was delicious!! After supper we went back outside for a bit, we worked on getting the pool vacuumed and treated. M installed a new jet for the pool so our solar heater will work more efficiently.

Then it was time to get the kids ready for bed! I took in this little one, while M had Noah. They both ended up ready around the same time! 

Emilya was sporting her leopard print jammies, which I love!! Haha

I quickly ran outside to put my cushions inside as a storm was blowing in fast! I made it inside just in time!! 

Then I snuck upstairs to snap a photo of the little man, since I realized I almost forgot!! Here the boys are reading Noah's favorite book - Dig Dogs Dig! 

After I finished feeding Emilya, I headed into town to Walmart to do a few exchanges and picked up a few new sleepers for E, since she is too long for some of her 3 month ones now! 

Today we have the air conditioner repair man coming and our storage bin is leaving our driveway today!! 

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J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You had better weather than us!


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