Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekend Rewind on Wednesday

Oh I am so far behind on this little blog of mine!! It's crazy!!

Friday night - M didn't end up playing ball, which was a nice treat to have him home  - not that we did much, but it wasn't a crazy rush to get the kids in bed. M's Dad popped over for ice cream and played with Noah outside for a bit. 

Saturday - M was working. My girlfriend popped over to meet Emilya in the morning. 

Noah wasn't in the best of moods, so that was fun.... Poor guy is just soo irritable with one of his 2 year molars coming in. 

When M did get home, we worked on organizing the cold cellar, so we had a place to put the stuff in the boxes! 

We went out for dinner with my Dad and Cindy just to the pub here in the village. Emilya slept the whole time and Noah was very well behaved especially considering the crummy service we had and the good wasn't all that great either!!! He did love getting a squirt gun though and had lots of fun spraying us all while we finished up at the restaurant and then when we got back home and visited for a bit. Noah was up well past his bedtime again. To make matters worse, we had someone putting off fire works here in the village and instead of doing them quickly, they let them off one every 5/10,
sometimes 20 minute intervals over a 2 hour span. For the first time ever, Noah was not a fan and would scream each time. So he finally went to sleep by 11 and Emilya stayed up late too. Every fire work we heard we cringed... We are getting soo old!! Emilya decided she wanted to stay awake from 2-4. I got up to pump and took over getting her back to sleep and left M asleep on the couch!

The good news is, thier late nights paid off and the whole family had a sleep in!! We all woke up in great moods and off to work we went on unpacking boxes in the basement, vacuuming, laundry, playing, etc. The morning zoomed right on by! 

When Noah went down for his nap, we emptied the rest of the stuff out of the bin, with hopes of getting this bin out of our driveway this week. We didn't quite get the rest of the boxes put away,  it the bin is empty and that was technically our goal! Noah had a super long nap (3 hours and we woke him up). Mike was waiting to take him to go get the backhoe as he promised him, while waiting he managed to get the lawn cut and weeded somemore of the garden. After waking him up, they headed straight to the farm and he was soo happy!! 

M had a few trips of yard waste to take over to the depot and then ended up helping the neighbour strip some sod and removed a tree stump for another neighbour. It was about that time when I called them both in for tacos. 

Monday was a holiday, however M works this long weekend. So the kiddos and I hung outside most of the day, as it was gorgeous! I got out the water table, which is a big hit this year!! 

Emilya was loving the weather too!! 

When M got home, I had him drain off the pool cover which was mosquito haven! Noah had a blast jumping in muddy puddles!!

Apparently Noah had lots of fun because he slept in until 8 AM!! Emilya slept all night as well!! We made our first solo trip to Walmart with 2 kids... And it was great! We bought a shade tent for outside! 

Then we spent an hour in the field with Daddy!! Noah was thrilled!! 

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