Thursday, May 12, 2016

Noah Says - 26/27 months old

I have been meaning to start one of these posts for a while but then I forget some of the funny things he says, so I will start compiling a list.

- when we had workers at the house, Noah would yell down to Frank: "Frank you wanna coffee?? Frank, Frank, you wanna coff?". When they were finished the basement, Noah clearly missed Frank and would look for him in the funniest places, like opening the toilet lid and saying "Frank, where are you?"

- when playing with his race cars, he will run after them and say "I got ya"

- when he says thank you he will quickly follow it up with your welcome before you can even say it

- when you ask him how he is he will reply "I'm fine, how are you?" If he hurts himself and you ask him, he will reply "I'm fine, I'm okay". We recently bathed Jazz and she howled the whole time and his response was "Jazz you are fine, you are okay." - clearly he hears me say that to Emilya when she is fussing. 

- he can now say "that's rediculous" and then follows it up with laughter

- "Mommy what you doin?" 

- "all gone, all all gone momma"

- "hungry hungry hippo" in song when referring to his sister... Hopefully he outgrows that by the time she is of age to know she is being referred to a hippo! Lol.

- "oh app" - he heard Daddy say "oh crap" and this is now his version of it. It could be worse right?? 

- "I'm funny Mommy"

- "hi" are constants, especially if he knows you are annoyed with him, he will get in your face, tilt his head back and forth saying "hi" in the sweetest voice! You really can't stay mad at him! 

- "treat" while saying it in the sweetest voice, using the head tilt back and forth again.

- "papa's shhh" which really means he wants one of Grandpas treats, and they are a secret, hence the shh. 

- fox is fuc kkkk, he really pronounces the k... We are working on the x sound! Binx is Bink and Lux is Luck


Hilary said...

This is cute! I need to do one for Beckett!

J and A said...

I love these posts. Kids are the best. They say such awesome things!


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