Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Brrrr, a chilly weekend around these parts this weekend!!!

Our weekend was pretty straight forward.

M had ball Friday night, while I stayed home and chilled with Emilya, who stayed up until 10:30!!! Noah was in bed. 

Saturday M was working, Noah slept in until 7:15 and Emilya got up at 8:30. We ended up tidying the house - yay for this mama vacuuming again! I can't even begin to tell you all how much I missed this!!! It's my thing - I do it daily and it makes me happy!! I invited my girlfriend S over with her 2 kiddos to play and Noah had a blast! It was just the distraction he needed because he is soo grumpy when M works on Saturdays, knowing weekends are his time with Daddy, especially during the spring rush when he doesn't see M enough. 

Mike got home around 1:30, just in time to help get the kids to bed for nap! Noah went down pretty easily, but Emilya has been a stinker to get to sleep the last few days! So by the time I got her down, I managed to get some laundry done, but decided to relax for a bit before they get up! 

M's aunt stopped over to drop off an essential oils information book! Then the boys worked in the basement (once Noah woke up) and built the tv entertainment unit! 

They headed out to pick up something I found on kijiji and picked up pizza for dinner too! After dinner e played and managed to get some laundry put away! I actually gained floor space in my laundry room- mommy win!! 

M and I watched the Jays game while hanging out with Emilya, who was wide awake again!! 

However, it ended up paying off!! She stayed up until 10:30 and then slept all the way till 5:20 AM!! I woke up at 4 to pump! Heck, even Noah slept in, as well as myself! 

We headed to London to help my Mom with a few things at her apartment and then we headed to Costco! Noah napped for 20 minutes in the car, so you can imagine how the rest of our day went down... Not very well!! There was a lot of tantrums and acting out! Emilya also didn't really nap, aside from while at Costco and in the truck - so she was also grumpy! 

So after we attempted to get to Noah to nap and failed, we went outside to collect the spring clean up garbage while the ribs cooked away in the oven. We enjoyed dinner and then it was bedtime! 

I will say I was a proud Mama when I asked Noah what his favorite part of his day was and he replied with "helping grandma". He is just the sweetest! 

Let's just say today we will be hanging out around the house. Noah woke up kind of grumpy this morning, so it should make for an interesting day! 

We did manage to accomplish at least a few things this weekend, but our main focus for next weekend will be getting our storage bin emptied, as time is running out and we didn't get to it this weekend like we had planned. 

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