Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Things

Wow, I can't believe it is Friday already! This week went by so fast and we didn't even really do much.

Monday - we went to play group
Tuesday - we went for a nice long walk
Wednesday - we went to the library play group
Thursday - we played outside and enjoyed the nice weather

Today Noah is going to run errands with Grandma and I am going to run my errands with Emilya. I'm not quite ready for lifting Noah into the grocery carts yet and typically he hangs out with Grandma when I do my groceries, but he has missed going shopping lately, so Grandma has been taking him out with her and he has been really good when they do it! 

It should be an interesting day because we let Noah stay up late last night playing outside and the. He didn't end up falling asleep until at least 9:30 playing in his bed. 

And since this post didn't get done before we left, I can report Noah was great for Grandma! Emilya let me have a shower before we left to run our errands! We ended up meeting at Walmart and had McDonald's for a little lunch date! I brought Noah home with me and we made a special surprise stop at the park, where the school was having a fun fair! Noah loved the bouncy castle!!

He absolutely LOVED it!! And now it is naptime and once I get the baby to sleep I will be napping too - once I get the groceries put away!! 

This weekend M is working Saturday, but we will hopefully get some stuff done in the basement  afterwards because we are running out of time with the big bin in our driveway - I believe we have until the end of this month. Crazy I remember thinking there was no way we would need it for 2 months and granted our space was fixed right away, we have been going through each and every box and purging as we go! 

Sunday we are heading to London to help my Mom out with a few things and hitting up Costco on the way home. We plan to be home for naptime. Hopefully that will give us the afternoon to get more unpacking done! 

And to finish this blog up- look at how much these two look alike: 

I often see glimpses, but looking at their features, they really do look alike and this is them both at the same age! Granted Emilya has more than a pound on Noah at this age haha.

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