Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Well another good weekend is under wraps.

Friday night, M had his first ball game of the season. I stayed home with the kids. I figure we will attempt to goto home games and see how that goes. That way I can leave if things start to get a little hairy with the kids. 

Saturday was a productive day!! M's Mom offered to take Noah to shopping again, which gave me an hour to enjoy some one on one time with Emilya until she fell asleep, to shower, get laundry on, cook some chicken strips, put away a basket of laundry, a little sewing project finished and empty and load the dishwasher! 

Turns out he was an excellent little shopper and really enjoyed his time with Grandma! 

My Mom came over around noon to see the kids. Noah was soo excited to see her! He had a great afternoon visiting, enjoyed a nice nap, giving Grandma lots of snuggle time with Emilya. It was great seeing my Mom on Mother's Day weekend. We did have a really nice visit! 

My Mom left around 4 PM. M headed downstairs and put the fireplace back together, Noah enjoyed playing in his space. M also managed to get some boxes sorted through. I put all of Emilya's newborn clothes away in a bin and filled her drawers with 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. Man, it just blows my mind, Noah was still in newborn at her age! 

After supper, we played for a bit before getting the kids ready for bed with baths and such. I fed Emilya before heading into town to grab groceries! 

Sunday morning M let me sleep in, which I made it past 8:30 before I got out of bed! That was a nice
treat! I work up to the sweetest "Mommy" followed with his practiced line of "happy mama day". It was soo sweet! He came running for a hug and then got his cards for me to open. A waffles breakfast was up next! 

We enjoyed some family time before M ran into town with Noah to grab some tension rods and charcoal for the smoker. They came home with lunch too! I managed to get some laundry on, fed Emilya and got her to sleep! She didn't nap for long, 

After lunch Noah and M went outside for a bit while I fed Emilya. I had just got Emilya down when the boys came in to get Noah down for naptime. Emilya was just being a stinker with putting her down, she would instantly wake up, little girl just loves being snuggled. We got her down again, but put her in the mamaroo. M waited a bit before heading outside, shutting the door a little too loud and waking her up again! So he came back in to get her back down before heading back outside to cut the
grass and weed the front garden. 

I headed back to the basement, have I mentioned how much I enjoy having a designated sewing area?? I made up some fabric gates and put them on the tension rods to keep Noah out from behind the bar. The basement is just about child proofed so Noah can go back to having free-range of the basement on his own again! I also whipped up a few more burp clothes while I was down there. 

When Noah woke up from nap he went right outside. They finished cutting the grass before the rain, which only ended up being a few spits

They got the smoker out, brushed Gracie and played for a bit before Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner. I woke Emilya up, with hopes of feeding her before dinner, however it ended up being a frustrating experience, as my milk was just flooding her, as it had been 4 hours. Being discreet was complicated even with my cover because she kept needing to go back on and off and burp, etc. So after struggling for 15 minutes and she was getting very cranky - I decided to give her a bottle out of the fridge and pump. She took the bottle much better and slower. I ended up pumping just as everyone sat down for dinner and then went and enjoyed my steak dinner! 

We managed to get my picture taken with the kiddos before dessert, crazy hair and all, but I do love it!!  My hands are full, but my heart is fuller and the happiest it has been!! 

We got ice cream cake for dessert! It's been forever since we had DQ's ice cream cake, but it did not disappoint and look how pretty it was!! 

M and Noah quickly bathed Jazz, which Noah kept saying "you're fine Jazz" as she would yowl. We could have made a 4th cat with all the hair that came off of her!! Happy to say all the cats are bathed post renovation! 

Before bath time we did a little paint project with the kids feet and then started the bedtime routine. It was a fantastic day I must say!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Aww...Happy Mother's Day! :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot believe both our girls are out of newborn clothes already. C is wearing things Avery wore at 3 months! Ahh.
You have been sewing so much lately, I am jealous! I can semi sew but am SO slow lol.
I think your Mother's Day photo is perfect :)
Jealous of the DQ ice cream cake, I love them but they bother my stomach too much so I try and stay away now. Lame!


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