Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Clearly weekends are not long enough, especially now that M is in the middle of the spring rush and working Saturdays! But it just means we need to make the best of the time we do have together as a family!

Friday night I left Emilya with M (she was in bed for the night - love the schedule she has made for herself already) and I headed out to spend some time with the girls. It had clearly been too long, as we burnt our appetizers, but it was a great night out with them full of much needed conversations for us all! 

Saturday morning M was off to work. We had a cartoon Saturday morning, as Noah was upset Daddy wasn't home. Luckily he played more than he watched, but it made him happy. M's Mom came over to take Noah out for a surprise shopping trip. He has been asking to go shopping lately, and I am not ready for that task yet. Noah had a great time shopping and came home with flowers for me and a package of cars for himself. While he was gone, I managed to get 2 totes of fabric and craft stuff out away, laundry on, pull out some hand me downs for Emilya and get most of the kitchen cupboards wiped down. We had lunch when he got home and next I knew it was nap time!

We all had a nice long nap and M was productive when he got home and worked on some stuff in the basement. When we all woke up, M took Noah into town to return the wrong trim we bought and ended up picking up Swiss chalet for dinner! We played for a bit after dinner and worked in getting both kids bathed. Noah was a big help with bathing Emilya. He is such a great big brother!!

Sunday morning M was up early to volunteer his time for the firemans breakfast. Noah actually slept in until 7:30, which was a miracle, since he has been getting up at 6:30 lately. We think it is because the sun rises and comes right in his window, despite the black out curtains, we might need to get a blind after all. 

Emilya got up at 7:15 and I am happy to report that we all got dressed and out the door before 9 AM without any tears!! Emilya slept through breakfast and Noah sure did enjoy it, although he was really upset to leave Daddy. Poor guy isn't quite used to the new spring schedule and misses his Daddy time. 

M came home early around 11:30 because we had company coming over to meet Emilya. We got the floors properly washed in great room and all dusted. It makes me feel so much better getting the main floor cleaned post reno, as the dust sure can build up. 

M's aunt came over for a visit and enjoyed some sleeping Emilya snuggles! When they left, I fed Emilya, Noah was napping and we managed to get a few more things done off my long to-do list, including pick which carpet color we wanted. I had it narrowed down to 2 choices. 

When Noah woke up from his nap it was time to take out his staples. He handled it like a champ, with no tears! It did make this mama queasy with the thought though. 

We all headed into town after that. We picked up a plasma car from a lady who had bought one for her son a few weeks ago, but he didn't care for it. As soon as I put it in the truck, Noah was calling it an airplane. M dropped me off at winners with Emilya, while the boys headed to Home Depot to do somemore returns. I would do anything to avoid a hardware store these days. Check out Emilya's haul:

I also got this canvas for the new craft/office/toy room. Love the encouraging words! I haven't picked a color to pop the room with yet, so it's very monochrome right now. 

After M picked me up, we headed to Walmart for groceries and then home for dinner. Emilya slept the whole trip, which left M and I nervous for how our night was going to go. It was not her best night to say the least. 

After dinner we took M downstairs to play with his "airplane" aka plasma car and he LOVES it! As if these smiles don't say enough:

It was bedtime before we knew it! 


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Busy weekend! Love the stuff you picked up for Amelia's nursery! You took the staples out?! You are brave, I am a wimp with those things! Those plasma cars are so fun, A loved the one at dayhome or at the play centre here - which reminds me I should plan a day there lol. Hope you have a good week!

Living out of Wedlock said...

Noah looks like such a big helper! I love Emilya's little haul, the signs are too cute just like her!

Living out of Wedlock said...

Noah looks like such a big helper! I love Emilya's little haul, the signs are too cute just like her!

Jen Mc said...

Wow - you were busy! It looks like there was fun too.


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