Friday, November 4, 2016

Emilya - 6 Months

Eating: We are still breastfeeding and have now introduced solids! Em is nursing every 2-4 hours throughout the day. The longer stretches are when she is easily distracted, but typically she prefers every 2-3 hours. I have given up the overnight pumping and just pump when I wake up in the morning and give Em a bottle when she wakes up. This gives us a little extra milk in the fridge to use for cereals or extra bottles. This month Em tried:
Banana - she liked, but not the texture soo much
Mum Mums

We were still in the introductory stage and we're just giving her roughly an ounce of cereal and 1-2 tablespoons of fruit or veggie. I've been introducing a new food every 3 days or so, just like I did with Noah. So far she loves to eat!! She gets very frustrated when we eat and she doesn't. 

Sleeping: Emilya is still a great sleeper. She pretty much sleeps through the night consistently. The odd night she will wake, but usually it's because of a diaper change more than anything else and will go right to sleep. She has put herself to sleep a few times now at bedtime and will soothe herself to sleep if she wakes in the middle of the night, so we don't rush up unless she is upset. She is in her own room now and is loving it! She is sleeping much better for naps. Emilya is napping 2-3 times a day still. Usually after an hour of her being awake she is ready for a nap, then I usually get her to nap around 1:30 while her brother is napping and then she likes to have one around 4, depending how long her afternoon nap was. We have kind of put sleep training on hold for now while transitioning her into her room, but we aren't usually rocking her for more than 5 minutes typically. She loves snuggling a blanket when she goes to sleep, which is just like me, but man I'm not a fan of finding her head buried in it! 

Clothing: Emilya is wearing 6 months in everything. Her sleepers are starting to get short however, so I have started pulling the 9 month sleepers and putting away the 6 month ones. She is in size 3 diapers now as well. 

Features: Emilya has blue eyes and blonde hair still. Her dark hair at the back is still present as well. Her hair seems soo slow to grow and then all of a sudden she has more!!

Weight: 5 Months: 16 lbs 5 oz
              6 Months: 16 lbs 13 oz  - 28 inches long

What The Doctor Had To Say: Emilya is healthy and doing great! Some of her tests have come back and have been normal so far. She won't see the eye doctor until February. Her urine test came back normal, with the exception of a few white blood cells present indicative of a possible infection, so we are repeating that. Her ECG was normal as well. Emilya handled her 6 month shots much 
better this time. We had Emilya's ear mould made for her hearing aid and she did soo well with it! We are trying our best to keep her appointments as positive as we can, because she will have them often enough and so far so good!!

Nicknames: Emma, Em, Ems, Emy, Baby, Little Miss, Littlest Squish, Baby girl, Baby Bunny,  Hope, Sis

Big Brother Update: Aside from trying to micro-manage everything she plays with, he is doing great. He will share his toys with her, take away the dog bone so she cant get it, tries to help me feed her, entertains her when she is upset. His one downfall is waking her up, I would like to say that he does it by accident, but nope, he knows that is one button to push to tick me off, typically when he doesn't want to nap. But overall, he is really good with her!! We started going to the library program and a little girl took the toy Em was playing with and sure enough Noah told her Em was playing with that and that she needed to give it back and get her own. Secretly, I was proud of him for 
standing up for her, but in all reality, I told him it was okay and that he could get Em a different toy!

Likes: rolling around, Nemo, her Muslin blankets, her lovey, any blanket, her brother, being read to, being outside, bathes, various toys, music, being carried in the baby bjorn, the jumper, standing, and dogs. 

Dislikes: her face being washed, her brother scaring her,

Personality: Emilya is pretty much the happiest baby. She is very laid back about most things. I will say she much better in the car now! The DVD player helped with distracting her and now we don't even have to turn it on! Oh how the car is soo much more peaceful now! It isn't perfect everytime, but it is sooo much better!! Emilya has taken really well to her nursery and transitioned very well to sleeping up there all the time now! Emilya enjoyed her first concert - The Wiggles Live. It was crazy how much she loved it!!

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J and A said...

What a sweet girl! I see so much Noah in her. Love it. She is doing so great! What a trooper.


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