Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Well it is official, we are all down with the cold and it sucks!! Yes, this means I ended up getting it too, just as I suspected! What I will say is that it is a challenge getting Noah's attention with no voice!!  Friday was pretty low key, soo low key that I can hardly remember what we did.  Saturday morning I cut the boys hair, and ended up using the wrong blade on Noah, so his hair is much shorter than I would like, but it will grow!!!!Noah had gymnastics in the morning and he did soo well!! He actually did the flip on the rings without letting go. It's crazy how much he learns and improves each week. We had a nice family nap in the afternoon. The boys worked outside afterwards and Em and I worked inside on laundry, etc.    
It was homemade pizzas for supper!! And it was also right around this time we realized the kids both had fevers!! 
Of course we had a couples night out planned with friends, so we were ever hopeful their temps would come down and we would still be able to go. I think had we booked the babysitter instead of Grandma and Grandpa, we likely would have bailed. Noah hardly touched his supper, so we let them play a bit after supper and then it was in the tub at 7:00 and they were both up and in bed by 8. Em went to bed rather easily and Noah took a while to settle out on his own, but we felt comfortable leaving. We were home by 11, so it was not a late night whatsoever. 
Sunday morning the kids actually slept past 7 AM, M was ever hopeful that they are finally adjusting to the time change, but I think it  is because they are sick!! Although they both slept in past 7 today too! 
Noah and I made cake, he has only been asking for cake for a month, however he also told us that he was going to blow the candles out, so clearly we need to find someone with a November birthday lol. 
Of course Noah had a monster nap before we went to the farm and he had just enough time to go for a kobota ride with Grandpa and they went to see the tractor and combine across the street! We managed to get Noah to eat a pretty decent supper, but I think knowing there was cupcakes after helped!!   
Someone was pretty excited about the cupcakes and silly Grandpa left is his ice cream unattended and came back to half of it gone... he learns from the best!! 
This little miss is teething like crazy, plus with this cold, she is hit and miss on her mood!! She did pretty good, but we knew when it was time to go home!! 
We also realized that our new routine needs to be started, the kids NEED to be in the tub by 7 and up in their beds by 8! They go to bed soo much easier!! This will also allow M and I to get our work out in at 8!  Today we are stuck at home again, although I will run into town tonight for some meds and a few groceries. We just really don't want to spread our germs or catch new ones at this point!  


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

If we lived closer you could make cakes for us in November! lol. I think our girls are just adjusting now to the time change. Avery goes to bed way easier if it is before 8pm, after 8pm and she gets up a million times!

J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend despite everyone being sick!! :( Yeah my kids need to be in bed by 7 or else!! Especially since we are up so early!!


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