Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Emilya's first Halloween and it did not disappoint!! This year was soo soo much fun!! Last year we did a few houses with Noah, but this year he was really into it! We still only did about 15 houses, but that was more than enough for him!!

But let's rewind to the morning. We painted our mini pumpkin:

And then decided while we had the paint out, that we would would do some crafts too:

I still have to add the writing to Emilya's!! 

We had one other craft to do, but this was about as much as Emilya would tolerate. So we will save it for next year!! 

After nap we decided we would hit up the park for little fun, since the weather was pretty decent! 

And then my phone died... so no pics of Noah!! 

We had a quick dinner, M got home and it was time to get ready!! I was soo excited to get the kids dressed up, I had been looking forward to it ALL day!! 

Our dragon: 

And our unicorn:

You bet they are getting these costumes back on this weekend so I can snap a few photos again with my backdrop!! Tradition is tradition!! Haha! 

We started around 6:15 and as I mentioned above, we did about 15 houses before heading to the farm. Emilya passed right out by 6:30. Of course the last house we went to, there as a man dressed as a big inflatable dinosaur taking his kid out and Noah was completely afraid of him. Poor guy!! The father recognized Noah's fear and tried walking away but the damage was done, Noah was mortified and wouldn't stop talking about the dinosaur, saying he didn't want to see him anymore. We were sure he was going to wake us up in the night over it, but he asked at bedtime about where that dinosaur went, so I said he went home to bed too, but that he has Pal (his big dog in his bed) and George's dinosaur who will keep him safe. We didn't hear from him, although he still talks about it! 

We stopped at the fire hall and did the haunted house, which didn't scare Noah at all! Then we were off to the farm, where Noah and Grandpa sorted through all his candy! Noah was soo excited!! He wanted to eat a bit of everything, which Grandpa was up for!! After a few too many treats, we headed home and got bedtime going!! 

It was seriously soo much fun!! 

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J and A said...

They are so cute all dressed up! And I love your crafts!


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