Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Weekend Rewind

I'm pretty much sad that this weekend is over for a couple of different reasons. 1) I missed out on a full day of family time. 2) I wish the Luke Bryan concert was a full day of watching him, instead of just a few hours.

My weekend was pretty amazing. 

Friday night Noah wanted to go for a truck drive, so we all loaded into the truck - the kids had thier pjs still on, because we had a pyjama day and then we let him direct us on where to go. It's safe to say he knows his own way to the farm from home! He took us right there, with a detour to the fireball on the way there. Smarty pants!! 

So instead of driving by the farm, we actually stopped in because we had some stuff in the truck that M didn't drop off. So we thought we would let Noah take up to the door himself. He was pretty excited. He knocked at the door and no one came, so we told him to just go in, as we waited at the truck. Well the poor kid opened the one door, went to go in, fell and got stuck in the screen door. It really was quite the entrance. Grandma and Grandpa came quickly to the screaming, as did we. He was quite ticked off, but more upset that he wanted them to answer the door, so he could give the bag to Grandma. He got over it quickly and then just wanted to play for a bit, so we stayed for a bit before heading home to start bathes and bedtime. 


Saturday morning I was out the door shortly after 9 AM, I picked up my sister and we were headed state-side. We anticipated a long border wait because the red wings were playing, as well as the football game, but nope, we crossed right away - no line up!! 

This meant we had some time to shop!! Target was up first! I love that store. I soo wish it would come back to Canada, but with American pricing and American products - like it needs to be legit the same!! I ended up getting myself a shirt, the kids Christmas pyjamas, the kids some clothes - love their new kids line btw, I got a shadow box picture frame to put my last knitting project with my Grandma in. I also got Noah a little peppa pig play set, some wall art for Emilya's nursery - I really love how this is shaping up!! I also grabbed mini m&m's for baking and my favorite candy the don't sell in Canada - why??? 

We had no luck at TJ Maxx, I did well at Carters and I grabbed myself a 10ft long phone charging cable, oh and it has unicorns on it!! 

We grabbed an early supper at Chili's, grabbed gas and attempted to head down to the concert. Apparently my sister isn't the best navigator, but we ended up making it and found some pretty decent parking! 

The concert was amazing, of course, not a doubt in my mind that it wouldn't be!! I know I have been to a bunch of his concerts, even on the same tour, but they are all different!!! The concert was even extra long because it was the last one of the tour!! 

We got back to my Dads around 12:30, visited for a but, I pumped and then went right to bed! In the morning, we had breakfast with my Dad and Cindy and then hit the road by 9:30, a little later than we planned! The drive is long, but always seems longer on the way home, and it was raining! 

I got home right around 12 and had 45 minutes to get myself ready to goto a baptism. Seeing the kids was the best part of the day for sure! They both were soo happy to see me, such a warm feeling!! I gave Noah the little gift I got him and told him to close his eyes for a surprise - this is what I got:

But his reaction when he saw I got him Peppa Pig figurines was pretty good! I guess now I have some Christmas ideas for my family - haha.

Luckily it was close by, so I was able to leave Noah home to nap with Mike, while I took Emilya. 


I came home after the service to pick up the boys, and of course Em fell asleep on the way home! We enjoyed a nice family get together, grabbed some dinner on the way home.

After suppe we had the fun task of pumpkin carving! We only ended up with one pumpkin this year, but we had fun carving it!! Be sure to check out the video on Instagram of Noah's reaction - still laughing about it!! 

Em to the job quite seriously and bit it:



The finished product:


And the traditional pumpkin photos:



I will recap our Halloween hopefully tomorrow - Emilya is teething like a monster right now with her top two teeth coming in and is not a happy camper!! 


J and A said...

Oh how I miss Target too!! You got a good haul! Nice work. So glad you had an awesome weekend and time at the concert. So fun. D loves Peppa right now too.

Lindsay said...

I really miss Target too! Ryan and I are going to the states this weekend and I cannot wait to grab a coffee and browse a Target! Looks like a busy and fun weekend!

Hilary said...

They are so cute! & I can totally see Beckett having the same reaction as Noah, getting trapped in the door, lol. Daycare has been letting him watch Peppa Pig at the end of the day, too, and he seems to be in to it. I might have to try to find him a toy like that! I need Christmas gift ideas - the kid has so many toys already!

Sarah Alway said...

Goodness, you had a busy weekend but it looks like you had so much fun. That pumpkin is amazing! I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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