Friday, November 18, 2016

The Baby Niche

Bows, bows and more bows, how could we possibly need anymore bows??
Well the funny thing is, there is no such thing as TOO many bows right?? Okay, don't ask my husband, he may have a different opinion.   
 Today I want to talk about one of my favorite Canadian shops that I order from much too often, but they just keep coming out with more and more adorable bows!!    The Baby Niche is a shop based out of Alberta, we all know I love Alberta and if our business wasn't based here, we would totally move! It is the home of some really amazing shops and of course great friends and we can't forget the mountains!  
Meet Nysha, the momprenuer behind the shop, a mom of 3 littles and a hair dresser!! 

Her shop offers real leather bows, vegan bows, felt bows, nylon headbands, leather headbands, your choice of clips or headbands and guess what? The clips actually stay on, thanks to the grippy on them! The shop also offers leather soother clips, silicone and wood teethers. Nysha was kind enough to send a few extras to review with my first order and although I can't report on clips yet, I know soon enough she will be able to wear them!! 

So what can I report on? Well obviously the bows, both vegan and leather, both clips and head bands and honestly, the quality is amazing, heck they even withstand Noah taking them, stretching the bands and guess what they don't wreck because of the nylon bands! Em doesn't quite have enough hair for the clips yet, but I cannot wait to start accessorizing with them when she does!! I can also report on the amazing customer service offered. This shop is great at communication with you, which makes ordering again and again very easy. 

We also have a leather soother clip, along with the little grey fox silicone teether and wood ring teether. Em loves the fox teether the most and it is just the perfect size for her hold on to. The leather braided clip is great, although she doesn't use a pacificer, but I have been hooking the silicone teether to it for in the car and that way she can't lose it!  

Now I could post a whole lot of pics of Em wearing the headbands, but instead I will pick a few!! 

Like our family photos: 

And for some holidays:

It's seriously a happy mail day when they come:

And of course for everyday wear:

They also really work great for our monthly photos:

I'm soo happy that headbands and bows don't seem to bother her at this point!! She rarely rips them off at this point!! I know that will likely change soon enough, so for now, she will wear all the bows haha! 

Sooo if you have a little girl you NEED to check out this shop and maybe you need to buy a gift for a little girl? Well let this be your goto shop!! 

You can't beat her prices, especially when she has her amazing sales and specials!! 

You can find her shop HERE
On Facebook HERE
And search "thebabyniche" on Instagram
Happy shopping!! 

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