Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Friday... Friday... Right, Em had an appointment in London, so we went to that and then hit up Costco afterwards, hello super full cart!!!

Good news is I got quite a few Christmas presents, bad news is it was an expensive trip!! We had dinner at the farm and then came home to get the kids in bed! 

Once the kids were settled, I decided last minute to attend a make up lesson party I was invited to! When it comes to make up I had no clue what I was doing - whatsoever!! The lesson was soo informative and my skin felt amazing even with make up on!! I don't think I have ever felt so comfortable in my own skin! The mom bags were gone... It didn't look like I was wearing a lot of make up and it was Arbonne products, so they aren't horrible for your skin!! 

It was fun and I am glad I went after all!! The aftermath:

Saturday morning we had gymnastics and then we stopped at Walmart afterwards to pick up a new car seat. Turns out the car seat was $50 off!! We are going to end up needing 3 new car seats total once Em is out of the bucket seat, one for each of our vehicles for her and then we are pretty sure the one in M's expires soon (we bought it used). The new one we bought is a 3 in 1 and will transition into a booster. I came home and was going to order 2 others online, but they were sold out! So I called the store and they had 1 other in stock, so I had them hold it! 

M and Noah were working outside, getting all the leaves cleaned up, going back and forth with the backhoe while Em was napping and I just worked on some housework. 

After supper Noah and Mike went to pick up the extra car seat in attempt to keep the kids up a bit late because of the time change coming. It was a fail, Em was not having any of it! So I ended up bathing her while they were gone and by the time they got home, I was nursing her to sleep! They came home with an ice cream treat to surprise me with!! Yum!

Once the kids were in bed, it didn't take them long to fall asleep! 

Sunday morning came early... 6 AM, which I know felt like 7 AM and the sun was coming out, but we definitely didn't gain an hour in our house! 

After breakfast M and moved things around in the mudroom. We have decided we need a closet in the mudroom for coats and boots instead of the wardrobe that just doesn't work for a family! So we moved the wardrobe to where we want the closet to see how the space will change, moved the washer and dryer down the wall and took the change table out of the room and we are very happy with space! So we will be building a closet in there as our next project - hopefully before Christmas! 

The kids actually co-operated in allowing us to get that done!! 

After nap, Noah went outside with M to finish up and I decided to give green beans a try for this little lady...

So far anything green has been a no-go! She hates it, but much to my surprise the green beans did not come back at me, she didn't gag, she actually ate them. I won't say she loved them, but she certainly didn't hate them!! 

After supper we took the backhoe back to the farm - this was not just my first ride in it, but my first time driving it too! Not the best time to drive something with a baby strapped to my chest and it being dark out, but we did it and Noah kept telling me I was doing a "great job mommy". Noah enjoyed an impromptu ice cream date with Grandpa and then we were off to bath time and bedtime! 

Monday we stayed home from play group because hand foot and mouth is going around right now and I really don't want to have to deal with that! Even adults are getting it! So we stayed home! I also decide I would start back up working out and trying to eat healthy! I joined a challenge group to help with that! So I am going to do a combination of Country Heat and 21 Day Fix and see how my body reacts this time! I started Country Heat almost 2 months ago, but my incision started swelling again, so my doctor told me slow down, which then I was unmotivated and just stopped. But I want my energy back! So we are going to try this combination and see how it goes! 


J and A said...

Sounds like a good weekend! And that's quite the Costco haul!! Good job getting back to your programs! Who are you doing a Challenge group with?

Laura Darling said...

Costco trips are always bittersweet. I love getting all that stuff but it's always rough to swipe my card!! At least you got $50 off the carseat though, that's awesome!

purpun said...

We could be Costco cart twins! Hahaha, that is one piled high cart. Your makeup look is gorgeous!


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