Monday, January 30, 2017

A Weekend Celebrating Birthdays

Looks like the snow decided to reappear again - yay... when is spring again?? Soo over it and I know it is January and clearly winter, but I've never been a fan! 
           Our weekend was great, and filled with lots of family time and a few too many late nights for the kiddos.    
 Friday night was normal, nothing exciting, I just caught up on my PVR after the kids went to bed.           
 Saturday morning I was up early with the kids - like 6:30 early. After I got Em down for her morning nap I had a nice bath with one of my lush bars and my audio book. 

I am really loving this book and it helps complete my thoughts that I already had! It just makes sense, but this line just hits home for me:
"Expectations: What you expect of your children is very important - I'm talking about expecting him to be a good person, to be able to meet challenges with perseverance and to  have the ability to make wise decisions and learn from poor ones. This also includes what you expect of your partner because it sets an example of what your children should expect from theirs one day. More over it teaches them about gender roles which will influence how they treat people of the opposite sex, as well as how they treat same-sex peers." 

Sooo true!!!

Having the quiet time to myself was nice, although it didn't leave me much time to get everyone ready to go for swimming! So M got Noah all ready, while I woke up Em and off we went. Noah did great with swimming again. 
 We grabbed lunch on the way home, as well as popping into a local baby store that was closing and offering 50% off, so I bought an apple cheeks swim diaper for Em, a sun hat for Em, some bunch of farmers stain sticks, a boon brand storage centre and some food storage containers by vital Baby! At 50% off I couldn't go wrong!  
           I ended up napping when the kids did and then we were off to London for my Aunt's surprise birthday party. 

We hit up Costco before heading back to my Aunts to hang out with my cousins before J heads back to Saskatchewan.     

 It's always fun when all the kids are all together, but it is crazy how much they are all growing:     
 We didn't get home until almost 9 PM and luckily both kiddos fell asleep on the way home. Silly Noah woke up 5 min from home but M and I couldn't stop laughing because he fell asleep fake sleeping waiting for us to notice!!! Too funny!!  
           Sunday morning I slept in a bit, we had some breakfast and then the boys went outside for the whole morning. M was changing the hot tub water, while Noah was playing with the dogs. Look at these two:   
 While Em napped, I worked on laundry, the floors, and some chores.            
 After nap, we packed the kids up the head to my sisters for Brandon's birthday. Noah was pretty excited and couldn't wait to sing happy birthday to Brandon! It was fun, the kids played well for the most part, but you bet I failed at picture taking... oops! 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a busy weekend! Noah is doing so good swimming! A wants to do lessons again but they are now unparented and I feel like I need to wait for that still (maybe more for me?! lol)
Have a great week!


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