Thursday, January 19, 2017

Three Things Thursday

1) we got the new couch and we love it! We think it works really well with our space and family. We are literally crossing things off our house goals list. Getting a new couch was always getting bumped by something we needed more. You can say we didn't NEED a new couch, but this new one is perfect and versatile:  

     2) A little update on Maggie, this dog is growing like crazy!! Something tells me she is going to be a big dog! She has doubled her weight from when we got her at 7 weeks weighing around 10 pounds and now at almost 11, she weighs 20 pounds. She's not even chubby, just super tall! I guess she will fit into our tall family no problem! We take her to see the vet this weekend for her second set of shots. She is pretty much the smartest dog we have owned. She asks to go outside, with VERY few accidents anymore, she is crate trained when we leave the house and will sleep in there at night if need be, but she's been in our bed most nights. She is a mover in her sleep and seems to get warm often, so she won't be in our bed much longer now that she is bigger! She will already sit on command but we are working on her nipping and jumping. Gracie is loving her new companion and tolerates soo much, but she will put the puppy in her place if she gets to nippy and rowdy.  What I will say is that I cannot wait to get our new mudroom garden door. That way the dogs can straight from outside to the mudroom when filthy dirty like today. Man. What. A. Mess. They need baths sooo bad!!   
 3) Miss Emilya is officially saying "Mama"!! She is soo chatty these days. She still army crawls, will pop up on her hands and knees, but if she's planning to go, she army crawls. Em is also starting to pull her self up on things. She has been super clingy lately, we aren't sure if it's all the new things she has taken on developmentally or teething, or what is going on. Who complains about extra snuggles
anyways? Today we gave her homo milk for the first time, only about an ounce mixed with my breast milk for her morning bottle. She still breastfeeds for all but one of her feeds in a day, but we are hoping to cut out the pumping session somehow. How is it that you forget how you did things with your first?
Today was a nice treat, Grandpa called and wanted to take Noah out for the morning for a tractor ride, which left me time with Em, well she decided to nap, so I managed to wet vac the couch we moved downstairs, wash my floors, tidy up and clean the filthy dogs a bit before letting them in! Of course the house smelt like wet dog right before I had company coming... 


purpun said...

I love that couch! I wish I could get a sectional to work in our long and narrow living room.
Maggie is adorable! I don't know much about dogs, but looking at her it seems like she will be a big girl one day.
Emilia is so sweet. And that's true, even with detailed blogging some things seem like such a blur about the first baby!

J and A said...

Couch looks great! I love the color. Aw Maggie SO cute!! I love that she's a great new addition! Mama is the best sound ever, even if it's 10058 times a day!


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