Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Years Weekend

The holidays were sooo much fun, but man, I am happy to have them done and over with and get back to routine. With the new year starting, M and I have been assessing some things we want to work on in the new year, both as a couple, individually and as a family.  I will likely do a whole new post on our goals for the year. But let's rewind to our weekend shall we?    We got the cutest Mommy and Me matching hats made by Christy!! She did a great job and Em just absolutely loves wearing hers and laughs when I wear mine at the same time! This is our first matching set!
Friday we decided to pack the kids up some indoor fun at the farm, so we packed up the bouncy castle, and the plasma cars and headed to the farm to play and have lunch!
We also decided to put away Emma's bucket seat and install the new car seat. Boy do I miss the easiness of the bucket seat!! But Em is much happier in the car now!! 
This girl loved them bouncy castle:
And Noah was torn between flying drones, racing Grandpa on the plasma cars and bouncing and sliding on his castle. 
After we got the kids down for a nap, I headed into town for groceries and well a few extras... like new towels, new boots and clothes for Em:
Saturday morning we had an item to pick up from the Ikea pick up location, so we stopped at costco too. Of course we took my car because the car seat for Em hasn't come in the mail yet. The shelving unit boxes hardly fit and then to make matters worse, my husband convinced me that we needed a 58 inch tv.... after a small domestic in the parking lot, we got it all in and if it was safe... I would have taken a picture, but a box may or may not have been over the kids seats... we drove home very carefully!! But look at these two sharing a shopping cart:
We really didn't have much planned for New Years, we went for a family walk before bed and then after the kids were down M and I tidied up and then played monopoly!! 
New Years Day Noah and I did a little baking. His new paw patrol apron I made him is a little big, but it will fit him for a long time!! 
We have been having issues with my PVR, and suprisingly they sent out a tech on New Years Day. I ended up getting a new one, but of course they say they are coming between 8-12 and didn't come until 11:30. I really wanted to get the kids to the farm again to play in shop, but the morning obviously didn't go as planned. So we packed a picnic lunch and went anyways.
Grandma and Grandpa showed up just as we were finishing lunch and had a little play too!! 
The boys flying drones:
 After nap we got the kids ready to goto a little New Years Party with friends. We kept it simple with just pizza, but the kids had fun! 
We have started a new earlier bedtime for the kids, so we put that in place as well. So far it's going good and Noah is not waking any earlier, so he is gaining a little extra sleep. Soo crazy how kids have a magic bedtime hour. 


purpun said...

Wow, you guys are busy! We also bought a big kid car seat for Thomas, but are trying to ride out the rest of winter in his bucket seat and he doesn't seem to mind it yet. I agree with you, it's so convenient (but heavy)!

J and A said...

Those hats are adorable!!


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