Friday, January 27, 2017

Mini Staycation

 Our annual staycation has come and gone for the year! This year was a bit different, as the pool at the hotel was closed. Yes, I know, a lot of people would reschedule or switch hotels, or something, however, we stay at the same hotel every year, and we stay at the hotel that hosts the drainage conference- because that is why we are there!    

 Leaving the house on Tuesday was nothing short of hectic! Figuring out what the heck I was going to wear was a daunting stressful task on its own, yet alone packing up everything but the kitchen sink. Add in a clingy babe and a testing toddler and well you likely know how it goes and if you don't - damn you, you are lucky! Let's just say I was on the go since 7 AM and didn't stop! The even more humorous factor to add in was that I was listening to a positive parenting seminar and the thing I took from it was how to not yell at your kids.... well I apparently missed the strategies.... so I will be listening to that one again.  
             When the kids went down for nap, I took the dogs and their stuff next door, finished packing, loaded it ALL up and when the kids woke up, I packed them up and we were gone! Little did I realize how much stuff I had at the post office and added more chaos to the truck...  
Usually we have my mom come to the hotel to watch the kids, but she ended up going on a last minute trip to Florida with my Aunt, so my cousin was kind enough to help us out! Noah had a blast with her. When we came back to help get them to bed, she said "I don't know how you do this - they just don't stop!" They were good, she didn't have issues and she found the Noah helped her with Em. So we got Em down, set Noah up in bed with the Ipad - which is a treat to him because he only gets it when we cut his hair. Well the little troll staying right in bed, not a peep out of him and stayed awake until we got back at 10! We finally got him to sleep by 10:30!!                
 He was up by 6, woke his sister up, and well that was a fun start to the day... I had a fun day planned ahead. We were supposed to have a play date, however my friends daughter ended up with a fever. But we decided to still go! We watched an airplane take off and then went to an indoor playground! The was our first time going and we loved it! 

 We came back to hotel for lunch, I ended up missing a pampered chef presentation, but I did get some neat products. Next up was naptime!!! Silly me, after we got the kids down I decided to have a quick shower! Well I ended up waking Emilya! Oops!! So, she ended up with a short nap!    

 So while we bathed Noah, we put Em down for another short nap before attending the banquet. We couldn't get Noah's clothes out of the room while putting Em down, so he hung out in Daddy's sweater:

And here he is all done up:

And Miss Em loved her dress almost as much as Mommy did:

And it's tradition to get a photo on banquet night:


The kids both did pretty good for having a late dinner, but we took them back to the room during the speechs and got them settled in bed. We had friends of oursnkids come hang out in the room with them and used my new iPhone video monitor called Cloud Baby Monitor - it's great!!! 

Thursday morning we got all packed up, gave the kids a bath in the morning before checking out and heading to Adventures on Wonderland to meet up with my cousins! My cousin from out west is home with Briar, so it is always fun times with the kiddos! 

Em LOVED the ball pit!!! She was constantly smiling whenever she was in it!! 

Our timing coming home didn't quite mesh, I ended up having to go pick up M, then we grabbed lunch, I stopped at Toys R Us to do a return and then we headed home. Em hadn't napped all day and was a mess... a screaming mess. When we got home it was naptime for the kids and we went and picked up these two:

I'm pretty sure they have spent the day planning our next vacation so they can go back to the neighbours and get spoiled! Too bad we have our usual guy back!! Not that they don't like him, they were just pampered and catered to 100%! 

And then it was laundry time... man oh man! 

I enjoyed a nice visit and catch up with a friend last night and today we went to the lawyers to get our wills made up. 

We have another busy weekend ahead with birthdays and what not, and we can't forget swimming tomorrow morning!! 

Hope everyone had a great week!! 


purpun said...

Sounds like such a fun time minus the laundry! And we just went to AOW last weekend. Great place for little ones!

. said...

Beckett is the same way about staying up. If he's watching something on the ipad, he'll stay up forever! You have to tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep before he'll even think about it. When we went up to MI before Christmas, he woke up around 1am when we hit a snowstorm in Ohio and he stayed awake until 5am because he was playing with his aunt and no one made him go to bed, lol. Where do these kids get all this energy?

Hilary said...

That was me, btw. New computer and apparently I can't remember the right accounts/log ins! /\

J and A said...

So fun that you guys always do this! Getting dressed up is so fun. Sleeping in a hotel with 2 kids is not. ;)


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