Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What's Up Weekend

This past weekend showed us a glimpse of spring, although I'm not sure when we saw the sun last, it's just been positive temps, green grass and lots and lots of fog!  
       Friday night we totally forgot about Wondernight at the church and literally dropped everything we had gong on.... dinner cooking, fresh out of the shower, dressed the kids and went! It was a lot of fun! Noah loves playing with all the kids, they play, do crafts, sing songs, pray and provide supper!! It really does provide a nice sense of community!   
 Noah's getting a touch of a cold from me... damn germs... so he's been extra cuddly, no complaints there!       
Friday night after the kids went to bed, I watched Miracle From Heaven, holy tear jerker! Pretty sure the ugly cry came out! I had been putting watching it off when I was pregnant because my emotions couldn't handle sad movies, well it is not any better! But the movie was REALLY good! 
 Saturday morning we took a family trip up to the vets for Maggie's first vet appointment, yes, she saw a vet before we got her, but this was her first time meeting our vet! Her appointment went well, she has doubled her weight and pretty much size over all since we got her! But she is doing great and the vet was happy with her!        
 We had swimming up next, but stopped at home to drop the dogs off and quickly nurse Em, since I had extra time. Noah didn't want to get out of the truck, so he had a snake in his car seat and waited very patiently!        
 Noah loved his swimming lessons again, which of course doesn't surprise me, but it soo fun watching him!        
 We met up with some friends after swimming and took all the kids to mcdonalds! We were super outnumbered, with 5 children to 3 adults, but the kids were all well behaved and played soo well together! They loved playing in the play zone!        
 When we got home, it was naptime. M and I did some housework, and then I decided to have a quick catnap, knowing I was going out with girls that night and would likely be late. After about 20 minutes, Noah came in to wake me up and gave me a few more extra snuggles.        We went for a family walk in the crazy fog, but it was good to get all of them out for some fresh air while it was mild. Although the dogs were super messy afterwards - the one downfall to the warmer temps. 
Shortly after supper, I went out with girls to try the escape room! It was an 80's theme, we started off all handcuffed to each other and it was a lot of fun. We had 45 minute so to get out, and with 2 hints we made it out! 
We went out for apps after and had a lot of fun, just sitting and chatting. The next thing we knew it was after midnight! Needless to say I didn't get to bed until after 1, by the time I pumped and got settled! M was kind enough to let me sleep till 8.    We were doing an early birthday celebration for Noah with M's parents, so M decided to smoke a pork roast, so while he was setting that all up, Noah went out to play in his pjs. He told us the snow had to go and chipped away at his snowman remains! 
We ran into town to grab a few groceries and more charcoal. During naptime I put this wreath together! Let's just say I am craving spring!! 
And Miss Em is craving danger... 
Dinner was really good! Noah requested a purple dinosaur cake... so that is what he got! 
This kid sure loves birthdays!! Look at that smile!! 
Em also loved celebrating! 
Yesterday was bath day for these two... 
When we got home and I got the kids down for nap, I decided to trim up Gracie and she looks soo much better now!! 
Now I am getting things packed up for our little staycation, unfortunately the pool is closed at the hotel... but I have a couple of fun activities planned!! 
Hope eveveryone had a great weekend!! 

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Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Busy weekend! Escape rooms are so fun! Glad you managed to escape ;)

Love Noah's cake! I'm scared for all the cake overload in the next month! Can't believe these boys are turning 3!!!


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