Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekend Rewind... on Thursday

Wow, the days are soo long lately and come evening after a workout I am done in and have no desire to blog. So I really just need to make some time for this, because I want to document this time in our life.    
 Noah starts swim lessons this weekend, so on Friday I took the kids swimming at the pool where Noah will have lessons with M's Mom to help get him used to the new place. Both of them loved it! I couldn't get over how well Em did with it too!! I think we are going to go as a family this Friday again, but as a family!     
 Saturday morning we decided on a last minute market trip. I got myself a new jewelry candle with the smell of peaches and cream! I don't usually love candles and am a fan of scentsy, BUT, this is my second candle purchase lately, with the other one being A Thousand Wishes by Bath and Body works! We got some fresh meat from the butcher while we were at it and Mr. Noah picked out some jelly beans! We stopped to get Em's passport picture done - poor girls pic is not soo flattering! But who's is? We grabbed lunch and came home to eat! And that is about when Noah had a complete and udder melt down over his bun being crooked on his sandwich. His emotions are soo crazy right now, and this is a whole new thing, aka the threenager coming out in full force! Wow and it made me realize that I have NO clue how to handle this yet, as every approach has failed so far. Parenthood has been pretty seamless, heck twos were a breeze, but this is a whole new ballgame and M and I need to learn the rules apparently... or reinforce ours!!

  I did order some new books to give me some strategies to pull out of my back pocket when needed! I know this is typical for his age, but for some reason it doesn't make it any easier to deal with! 
 That evening M's parents came over to watch the kids while M and I went to the firemans Christmas party. Noah ended up getting wind of where we were going and was then set right off for the night. He did not a great night at all, which was surprising since he loves spending time with Grandpa and Grandma. We came home around 8, Noah was in bed and Em was half asleep, but fighting it. Luckily we were able to get her right down. The rest of the evening was spent worrying on my my part on how to handle this new tantrum thing. Wow.   

If only kennels were an option eh? I mean he loves this thing and whenever we can't find him, this is where he is:  
 Sunday we spent the day as a family, we got some housework done, and we tried a new recipe for dinner with our active fryer. It was chicken, tomato paste and carrots, served with rice. It was pretty good and we were really impressed with how tender the chicken was and it only used two teaspoons of oil!     

After the kids went down, M mounted the new TV and I cleaned the couch with my Christmas gift, a new bissel little green machine. 

How have I lived without this thing? It is soo great!!! I got half the couch done while trying it out and will do the rest maybe tonight!! 
Monday morning I took both kids to the doctors and they both got a clean bill of health, no colds and no ear infections!! Music to this mans ears after 2 months of it! 

When we got home, my cousin had dropped of gifts for the kids from my aunt. Em loves her new books!!

They both love Noah's gift, it is a fabric reuseable sticker set!! 

We got our lush order in as well, soo much fun! I haven't used lush products since I was in high school. I decided to order online, because I really can't stand the smell of the store, it is just too much, so I was ordering blindly, but I am impressed with what I got and they threw in a sample of the "honey I washed the kids" soap! 

Yesterday I was brave and took both kids to the passport office in London to get Em's passport. It was super busy, the room was packed, but luckily our wait wasn't too bad. My Mom met up with us, although Noah has been super clingy lately and waited with me anyways. I seem to recall he was like this before he turned 2, as well as the bad behaviour, so hopefully this will just be a short phase to transition to 3! But he did do great yesterday with only 2 melt downs when it came to leaving the mall and lunch. But overall he did great and met a new little friend at the mall that he played with. 

Our afternoon wasn't too smooth with only a 30 minute car nap, but we survived and today is a new day!

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