Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekend Rewind

And it is Monday all over again and mid-January ALL ready! January is always busy for us, so it's understandable why it zooms on by.    
 Friday night we did a whole lot of nothing! The kids did however enjoy their first tub together with Em sitting and well lets just say there was water everywhere, but big smiles and lots of fun had!  
M and I tried out the new 21 Day Fix Remix workout after the kids went down and whoa, it was intense, but a nice change from the usual! We upgraded our Beach Body On Demand and love having ALL the workouts at our finger tips to change things up, although 21 Day Fix is our main fav right now.   
  Saturday morning miss Em woke up super early, which also means she napped early. We ended up waking her up right before swimming. I did however snap a pic of her wearing her brothers old sleeper, just for a fun comparison! I think they have similarities, but no twins here:  
  Noah LOVED his swim class! He had a smile on his face the whole time! So much fun watching them! Part of me wishes I had signed up Emilya, because girl loves the water! So I think next season I will!!    
 We grabbed some lunch, as well as a walker for Em on the way home. We realized Noah used a firetruck as a walker and that there was NO way he was going to share that with her, as he still uses it (it's a ride on). So the kids had fun with the new toys! 
We really didn't do anything exciting Saturday night either. We know how busy the upcoming weeks are and are enjoying the quiet time! 
 Sunday morning, Em was up early AGAIN! Soo happy M is an early bird, because I am not!! A good reminder of why I still pump every morning so she can have a bottle!! 
We decided a last minute Costco trip was necessary, but their produce and fruit was really picked over, so we didn't end up getting all that much! We did potentially find a new couch, but we were on the fence and wanted sleep on it! Yes, we know it's a big risk to not buy it right away, but if it's meant to be, it's meant to be! They also didn't have any in stock, but were getting more in overnight!      
 We put the kids down for nap, however, neither one napped well AT all and I had popped next door for an epicure party. So when I get home, I had two crying kids wanting their mommy! After some snuggles, we were good to go to the farm!! M stayed inside with Em, while Noah and I, as well as the dogs went out to play! 

Grandpa came out for a bit too and when we couldn't find Noah, we knew right where to look... up in the excavator! Stinker!! 

We went for a nice kobota ride, let Noah drive and then Grandpa and Noah played for a bit outside before coming inside for supper! 
We left shortly after supper, knowing we had 2 VERY tired kiddos and got them ready for bed right away! 
Today M and I, along with Emilya are heading back to Costco to look at the couch again, while Noah hangs out at the farm! 


J and A said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And you got the couch! Meant to be! Those workouts are awesome! BOD is the best, so many choices!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I saw you got the couch! I have been eyeing it up for our playroom area, I love it!
I loved swim lessons with Chloe, Avery has to go to unparented next so I am holding off on that until the fall haha.


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