Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day Weekend Recap

There is sooooo much to recap from my LONG weekend!!! I hope everyone had a great long weekend themselves!! I know we definitely did and the weather was definitely AWESOME!!!

Thursday I figured I would sit out on the deck and get some sunning done. So on came the bikini - the one I bought 4 years ago before I got married because it had the same sweetheart strapless neckline as my dress. The top was a bit small, but bottoms were too big... but oh well I was just in my back yard! The dogs decided that they wanted to lay out with me, which only made them pick a spot in the sun and pant like crazy. Sooooo out came the puppy pool! They had a blast!! Gracie had never used it before, but Lily remembered what to do and it didn't take Gracie long to catch on. I pretty much failed with picture taking this weekend, but luckily some people did use their cameras on Sunday!

M came home early on Thursday so we headed to London for my dress fitting. Can I just say that I am officially not a fan of pencil skirts? Oh and that is what my dress is! But it looks good! I have to go back before the end of the month for my final fitting! We popped in to visit my mom and then hit up Old Navy for some shorts. M ended up getting 2 pairs of pants and swim shorts and I got 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of pants! Not bad!! Then I wanted to stop in at Zellers to check out their shorts that were on sale - I never used to wear shorts, so I had NONE!! I don't usually shop at Zellers, I can't wait for it to convert to TARGET!!! I ended up getting a few pairs of capri's and a tank top. We stopped at KFC for dinner and were only disappointed to see that they changed their menu.

Friday M and I headed up to my aunt's cottage near Grand Bend. My mom and sister were there as well. M played around on the Sea Doo ALL day long and Amy and I played on the beach with Hannah. M and I left early, as we left the dogs at home and had plans of our own in the village. You may recall that our village does a big weekend for Canada Day. M and I had dinner and shortly after we finished all of our friends showed up and we sat around in the back yard until the sun went down and then headed down the street to the ball park for a community dance. It was fun!! It was great seeing people you don't get a chance to see all that often!! We left the dance around 11 and headed down to M and J's to watch a movie on their new projector that they set up in the backyard. We didn't end up watching the whole thing because I was too tired!! I keep forgetting I am not a teenager anymore and staying up past 11 is HARD!!! I am pretty sure  the moral of the weekend was: "We're not that young anymore".

Saturday M was in the parade, so I watched it with K and little G. We ended up spending the day together because N was working and M was volunteering with the fire department doing kids activities!! Soo cute to see him with all the little kids!!

Later on in the afternoon after M got some downtime, we headed into town to grab some groceries and then met up with M's parents for dinner. After dinner M wasn't feeling soo hot, so I went down to K's and we played dominoes during a thunderstorm.

Sunday morning we had the fireman's breakfast!!! It had a great turn out. After the breakfast, the girls headed over to K's and set up a pool K had gotten for free - well that was the plan that ended up needing one boy to blow up the top part with the air compressor! We did manage to get little G's kiddy pool up and running on our own though!! Once everyone showed up, we sat around in this pool, yes there were 9 adults and 1 toddler sitting around in a knee deep pool... it was FUN!!

But then out came the slip and slide! I have never seen 4 men sooo excited all at once before. They instantly turned into 4 year olds. The funny thing is that all 4 boys grew up together and probably used a slip and slide on the same property 20 something years ago! All I will say is that it looked PAINFUL as they hit the ground, but nothing would stop them, until they broke it! But fear not, they came up with a plan to improvise. Then us girls thought we better give it a try... I am a tall girl, do you think I could figure out how to throw myself to the ground? No... so I did a "Surf and Slide" instead and stayed standing... I am a bit of a chicken shit! As we were all slip and sliding, the pool decided to randomly let the water out while no one was around it... it was a GREAT pool or a great deal on a not so great pool, but it served us well, just didn't end up lasting more than one day! I am pretty sure we all ended up with bruises on ourselves. Pictures were taken, however I haven't gotten a copy of them yet! We have decided to make this an annual event! We chilled in the pool some more, had dinner and the boys left us girls to go set up fireworks at the ball park. By the time we finished dinner the pool had completely emptied.

We headed down to the ball park and watched a ball game before the fireworks. The fireworks were great!! I was at home and getting ready for bed just after 11 and M ended up home at 11:30 by the time he finished cleaning up the fireworks and had a beer.

Monday M and I had a bank appointment in the morning, picked up THE dress for the wedding, had a lunch date at Pizza Hut lunch buffet - one of my favorites and headed home. I ended up having a 2 hour nap and then we worked on tidying the house! M went golfing with N and I went over to K's and we tried on dresses. I will also complain now about the bachelorette being a REPEAT, even though most of the girls missed last weeks...

And now it is back to work! I look forward to catching up on all of your weekends soon!!!

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Jessica and Stephan said...

haha, that is too funny about the slip and slide! I do hope there are pictures of these antics, and the pool breaking! Sounds like you had a blast this weekend :)


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