Friday, July 15, 2011


Why is life continuously filled with things that should not happen?

When are people who are continuously faced with one issue after the other going to find relief?

How does this make them stronger?

When will it be enough?

Who is in charge of choosing who and how we suffer? How is it picked?

I get that everyone is dealt their share of suffering at some point in life, and I know we are not supposed to compare, but I just feel that some people end up with MORE!

I have been following James story for a while now. My heart goes out to Kara and Matthew and baby James!! NO ONE should have to endure what they have and are about to!

Please take some time and say a prayer for them!!

I know there are things in life that do not make sense and never will...



Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

It's just not fair, is it?

Tara said...

i have come to the conclusion;


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