Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Manic Monday

On Tuesday.... I almost posted yesterday, but my pics wouldn't upload!!

Friday: M had ball, they lost and that was it!

Saturday: I dragged my ass all day long, finally got ready to go to Nicole's Bachlorette Party. I actually wore my hair down, but let it go "Au natural", with the help of some awesome hair care!! I stopped and picked up some photography props (baby hats) along the way, stopped at my sister's with my dress for the weddings next Friday so we could match beads with the color of it because she is going to make me a necklace!!!

Off to London I went!!! Overall, we had a great night!! Dinner at Moxies, back to the hotel for cake and then we hit up UP on Carling for some VIP bottle service and champagne in a rooftop cabana!! Here is one picture of the bride to be and I:

I left just after 12, as I was driving home, because we had plans to leave early the next morning for the lake!

Sunday morning came early again, but once we got down to the lake, it was well worth it!! The weather was HOT and beautiful!!! Here is a bit of what went down:

"Well Hello"

" People would kill for hair like mine!!"

"you know you wanna throw it"

"Just came out of the water and I am dry already!!! I love how quick a roll in the sand drys my hair"

"Fine don't throw it... "

"I will just have to resort to making my own fun"

The boat

Boat's name


M on his seadoo

Us on our way home... don't mind the bad angle - we took it at a stop sign...

I will say that it has not rained in weeks... I actually cannot remember the last time it rained!! It has been BEAUTIFUL and SUNNY and HOT and I LOVE IT, although we could you an overnight sprinkle... my gardens and lawn are lacking.

I got my new HD PVR yesterday!! So now I can watch TV on one channel, while recording another! Plus, that lovely loyalty department gave me another $20 savings/month!! I will not complain about service!! There is something about getting more for my money that I LOVE!!

I spent the day with the girls yesterday, we went to town for some groceries, grabbed some lunch, I had to swing home for the install and then we went for a swim. We decided to pop out to the mall, where I managed to get some hair accessories for the weddings next Friday, now I just have to figure out which one works the best. I had mentioned that I was going to make one for myself and H, but it just seemed like a lot for only 2 and I am on limited time! Then we settled in for our typical girls night.

Bachelorette side note: Can I just say that I am still in love with JP and I am not all that disppointed that Ames is gone....and Ashley still drives me crazy!!

Hopefully I will get all caught up on your blogs today :)


J and A said...

Love those photos of the pups! So cute. Looks like a GREAT weekend! :)

Simply Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope you have a wonderful Week. God Bless!!!


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