Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip Top Tuesday

I guess it isn't really tip top, because my weekend was far from fantastic!!


It was soo far from fantastic that I will not be discussing via the blog... sorry friends, I think we all get weekends like this... maybe not.

But I did end up getting really sick. I think it was a combination of pulling an almost all-nighter/stress/the heat/exhaustion. I have not been soo sick in a long time! I was still not 100% yesterday, and only time will tell how today goes...

I have sooo much to accomplish this week before Friday:
  • I need to get a wedding gift for my cousin's wedding Friday afternoon
  • M needs to pick up his suit Wednesday for M & J's wedding Friday night
  • We need to pick up thier wedding gift on Wednesday.
  • Get a manicure Friday morning
  • Take my dress in... I will be getting Mike's Mom to help me, because I have left it too late!
  • Figure out my shoes and hair
  • Find a fresh memory card for all the pictures I hope to take on Friday
  • Figure out dinner plans for myself on Friday... thanks to some great friends I will not be alone!
  • Dye my hair
That is all I can think of right this second, but I am sure there is more!

I did at least request early check in at the hotel!

1 comment:

Jessica and Stephan said...

Aww...I hope that this weekend will be much better than the last! :)


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