Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Rumblings

Is anyone watching "Love In The Wild"?  - I am not sure how I feel about it. Some of the girls drive me batty!! Basically the idea of the show is to go on jungle adventures with a partner and if you win you go to the fantasy suite and cannot be eliminated, but if you don't, you have the option to switch partners or stay with yours and the last 2 people not picked go home. It is kind of like a mix of big brother/bachelor/amazing race.

I did the big update on my blackberry FINALLY to the new operating system. I will be honest it took me a while to catch on, but now I like it!!

M and I spent the afternoon together yesterday, we finished cleaning out my car and then popped down to the local car sales place. We inquired about trading it in, except we didn't see anything we liked that was a available. They had a Chevy Equinox, but M is all big on FORD, which I will be honest, I am too, but the Ford Escapes just seem too small. So I convinced him to just look at it, just so we can compare and he was impressed. We were both soo surprised with the amount of room in them. So then we popped into town to see what was available there and left our names with the one dealership and we are just waiting to hear back. The Equinox in the village was on hold, so we will hear back hopefully today on what is happening with that. We are looking at doing a straight trade, since we weren't exactly planning on selling my car yet, but due to all the problems with have recently had, I just don't feel safe driving it!

After car shopping, we went for dinner at the restaurant and then took the dogs down to the ball park. There was a ladies ball tournament happening and there just so happened to be a lot of goldens at the park!! Lily and Gracie were in dog heaven!! We watched some ball and then took them for a run. They had been such good girls all day, as we left them free range in the house when we went out and they behaved!!

I am looking forward to the weekend!! It should be filled with excellent weather!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


J and A said...

Love that photo! Have a great weekend!

Jessica and Stephan said...

beautiful pic of your pups :) hope things work out with the car!


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