Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts/Questions on Thursday

I am actually blogging on a Thursday!!! How exciting.... but don't get too excited, it is because I am working! I actually kind of like taking a break from blogging on my days off, then when I come back I have lots to blog about, which means this post is going to be random, because instead of doing anything remotely exciting, I am working!!
  • We got our quote for our window last night!! This is the dreaded window...:
(and no my house is not crooked, my photo skills were... and this picture was taken before we moved in... not that it makes a difference unless you remembered me talking about ripping out that garden below it and replacing it with a patio...)

It is known as a bow window... however we have decided to make it a picture window with an 2 opening windows (one on each side). That is where our friendly argument has began... M wants crank out windows, I want sliders. M's theory, which I agree with... is that it will look better. My theory is that sliders last longer. We have crank outs all over our house and some of them don't work anymore. They will both let in the same amount of airflow... Plus the curtain will cover the sliders anyways, so it would not be a focal distraction... Oh and it is only a $150 difference. (Sliders are cheaper)

What would you do?
  • We actually won our baseball game last night!!! It was a great game, the score was 23-20. I can't say that I played awesomely, because I definitely didn't... but overall the team did great!!!
  • I am trying to come up with ideas for N's bachlorette party this Saturday. We have dinner plans at 5:00, a hotel room booked and that is all we have planned soo far! Any ideas?
  • I am going to attempt to make my sweet niece a  flower headband for M and J's wedding - she is the flower girl... wish me luck and if you have any pointers, please share!!!
I look forward to hearing your feedback on all of these questions!!!


Anonymous said...

I like to take days off from blogging too and my blogs are usually always random!

Go with the sliders, they last longer and are not as expensive.

Hilary Lane said...

I have the same window & I hate it! I can't figure out what sort of window treatment to decorate it with. How do you have yours decorated?


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